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  • Posted by freedomforall 5 years, 2 months ago
    Here is an interesting statistic chart on gun ownership as percent of population by state:

    States with Extremely High Populations of Gun Owners(more than 50%)
    1. Wyoming - 59.7%
    2. Alaska - 57.8%
    3. Montana - 57.7%
    4. South Dakota - 56.6%
    5. West Virginia - 55.4%
    6. Mississippi - 55.3%
    6. Idaho - 55.3%
    6. Arkansas - 55.3%
    9. Alabama - 51.7%
    10. North Dakota - 50.7%
    States with High Populations of Gun Owners
    11. Kentucky - 47.7%
    12. Wisconsin - 44.4%
    13. Louisiana - 44.1%
    14. Utah - 43.9%
    14. Tennessee - 43.9%
    16. Oklahoma - 42.9%
    16. Iowa - 42.9%
    18. South Carolina - 42.3%
    19. Kansas - 42.1%
    20. Vermont - 42.0%
    21. Missouri - 41.7%
    21. Minnesota - 41.7%
    23. North Carolina - 41.3%
    24. Maine - 40.5%
    25. Georgia - 40.3%
    States with Median Populations of Gun Owners
    26. Oregon - 39.8%
    27. Indiana - 39.1%
    28. Nebraska - 38.6%
    29. Michigan - 38.4%
    30. Texas - 35.9%
    31. Virginia - 35.1%
    32. New Mexico - 34.8%
    33. Colorado - 34.7%
    33. Pennsylvania - 34.7%
    35. Nevada - 33.8%
    36. Washington - 33.1%
    37. Ohio - 32.4%
    38. Arizona - 31.1%
    39. New Hampshire - 30.0%
    States with Below Median Populations of Gun Owners
    40. Delaware - 25.5%
    41. Florida - 24.5%
    42. California - 21.3%
    42. Maryland - 21.3%
    44. Illinois - 20.2%
    45. New York - 18%
    46. Connecticut - 16.7%
    47. Rhode Island - 12.8%
    48. Massachusetts - 12.6%
    49. New Jersey - 12.3%
    50. Hawaii - 6.7%

    Pick your favorite place to resist confiscation.
    Better yet, put up a fence between America and the bottom 10 states. Bet there would be a lot of criminals who would emmigrate to those states for the "business" opportunity.
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    • Posted by NealS 5 years, 2 months ago
      Does anyone find it odd that there doesn't seem to be any correlation between gun population percentages and the number and types of gun laws in the states? And it seems gun laws do not stop crimes. Perhaps we should make more laws against crime.
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    • Posted by $ Susanne 5 years, 2 months ago
      They already DO flock to the bottom 10 states... The strange one (to me) is #29, as there are places in that state that I wouldn't want to travel...

      Also, 42 is in a way a misnomer... while the ownership in the good gun-controlled hometowns of Feinstein, Boxer, et al. are near zero (which gives the low number), if you broke out the northern 1/3 from the rest (say, call it Jefferson or something) my educated guess is it would have pushed ND to #11.

      Now if you'll pardon me, I need to sight in my deer rifle and pattern my shotgun before my standing appointment at the pistol range...
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      • Posted by VetteGuy 5 years, 2 months ago
        I think your assessment of CA would also apply to several other states. If you get away from NYC in New York, or away from Chi in Illinois, you get out into some pretty rural area, and I bet the per-capita gun ownership goes up considerably.
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  • Posted by wiggys 5 years, 2 months ago
    As I understand it and I think it was Jefferson or maybe Washington said that reason for the second amendment was to give the people the right to bear arms against a repressive government, not for militia purposes specifically. As I see it we need the guns more than ever since the government has become more and more repressive.
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  • Posted by cjferraris 5 years, 2 months ago
    The gun argument is something that politicians try to use when they're getting something over on us (they'll bring back the gun control argument to keep the news cycle busy when they're pulling the wool over our eyes on something else). This is no different than the smoking argument. If smoking is SO bad for you, and now they're pushing how bad SECOND HAND smoke is so bad for you, yet they never try to ban cigarettes? Why??? They're money makers: Cigarette taxes bring in all sorts of revenue to the states. If they are SO deadly, why haven't they banned them like they've banned so many drugs by the use of the FDA? Why hasn't your local health department taken the initiative to eliminate them? Follow the money people.. These arguments are what the "government" use to keep us lemmings busy. Why do you think that there has not been cures for most of the diseases we've been working on the past 1/2 century? There's no money in the cure, only money in the RESEARCH... Nobody wants the money to get cut off. If we go after the guns, it will take money that the special interests don't want to part with.
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  • Posted by sfdi1947 5 years, 2 months ago
    Repeal of the 2nd Amendment, would automatically preface the repeal of the others, 1 through 10 in any immediate manner that the Politicians found imperative.
    Our governance has already degenerated from a Democratic Republic to a Democratic Social Oligarchy.
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  • Posted by NealS 5 years, 2 months ago
    The media never seems to question anyone on anything. Today it seems that anyone can say anything about anything and half the population will believe it, period. If they were required to verify the facts on each and every story perhaps we could move on. When a politician gets out there and can say anything that comes to mind he/she should be held accountable to verify the facts before opening his/her mouth, period. It seems our politicians and law enforcement don't follow the law anymore, perhaps because we, the people, don't hold our politicians accountable anymore.

    Point taken on gun control, guns do not kill people, people kill people. As far as I can tell everything presented here is verifiable. NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET
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  • Posted by $ MichaelAarethun 5 years, 2 months ago
    I didn't know the Patriot Act had a Second Amendment or a First which is implied.

    You should have read it before you voted for it three times in a row. That's what you get for supporting the Government Party.

    Can't amend something that no longer exists.
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  • Posted by starznbarz 5 years, 2 months ago
    Regarding FFA`s stat chart: I would guess a more descriptive title would be " ...gun ownership by State as percent of population that admitted to gun ownership" Either that, or all 24.5% of Floridians that are counted live in my County. Did I mention I feel very secure in my County?
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 5 years, 2 months ago
    If they want to throw the gauntlet down be ready for rivers of blood and martyrs in every state. I'm sure Texas and Arizona gun owners will not go quietly into the night. They will own the night! History tells us that the Civil War was an awful carnage. The govt. trys to take away our Guns whether through subterfuge or trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment it will culminate in Civil War 2.0 which will cause states to seceed from the Union.
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  • Posted by term2 5 years, 2 months ago
    From my understanding the second amendment was to allow citizens to protect themselves from and to rise up against an unjust government like the British at the time. THATS the reason for the second amendment. If the government wants us to give up our guns, they should give up theirs at the same time. It has little to do with protecting me in my home really. I rely on my two pit bulls for that. Prevention is a lot more efficient than shooting someone and getting sued or hailed for it
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  • Posted by johnpe1 5 years, 2 months ago
    the gun-control and gun-abolishment advocates have a problem:::
    they know that they can't make the change directly, so they chew
    and chew at it with small bites -- convincing the kids and closing off
    public parks and the like -- to make it happen slowly....... .
    like the slow progressive take-over of the u.s. which
    began with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson
    and continues to this day.......
    with Liz Warren and Hillary and Bernie and BHO. -- j
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 5 years, 2 months ago
    When do I hide my PC, TV and my guns in the neighboring woods (after checking the weather report), trash my house, inwardly break open the easiest window for a burglar to climb in through and report a robbery?
    What would make me resort to such extreme measures?
    It would be on the news.
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  • Posted by mia767ca 5 years, 2 months ago
    a gun is property..Locke & Hobbes established the rights of man(woman) as the right to life, liberty, & further argument is constructive in a rational discussion....rule not argue with a crazy person or collection of crazy persons (i.e...govt)
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