I'm Duncan Scott, screenwriter for Atlas Shrugged Part III. Ask me anything.

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Long ago, I worked directly with Ayn Rand to edit the movie, "We The Living." Today, I'm honored and thrilled to be writing the Atlas Shrugged Part III screenplay. I'll be returning here at around 4PM ET this afternoon, for about an hour, to answer your questions and read your comments. I look forward to hearing from everyone!


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EDIT 1: Duncan has just logged in and will be on with us for the next hour or so. He told me to let everyone know that he's really pleased to be here and looks forward to getting into it with everyone. Have fun!

EDIT 2: "Thank you very much. I enjoyed everyone's questions. I have to sign off now, but I will check back later and try to address follow up questions as time permits." - Duncan
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1. Read all of the previously asked questions before submitting your own. Your question may have already been asked.
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Keep in mind, Duncan has only limited time to spend in the Gulch today and may not get to all of your questions. That doesn't mean he won't be back however so, be nice. :)

Scott (sdesapio)

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A four time Emmy Award winner, Duncan Scott has directed over 140 projects for film, television, and theater, including adaptations of novels by Ayn Rand, the author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Duncan worked with Rand to adapt and re-edit the film version of her book, We the Living, and his production company now owns and distributes the movie. He also conceived and developed The Objectivist History Project, an on-going series of video interviews with the leaders and key thinkers that Rand inspired during her lifetime.

Buy the "We the Living" DVD: http://bit.ly/WeTheLivingDVD
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  • Posted by sydney 9 years ago
    Oh! I thought I missed this event! Yahoo!

    Okay. I gotta know...I really gotta know...tell me true, tell me that John Galt does NOT have a beard. The silhouette in the two prior movies seem to indicate a beard and we all know Ayn Rand hated facial hair. (smiling) So, tell us Duncan...
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  • Posted by Hawron 9 years ago
    Ragnar Danneskjöld is one of my favourite characters in the story, but there may not be time to tell his story & several other side plots in the main movie.

    Have you thought about the possibility of doing an separate animated series of shorts to fill in some of the story plots? This would be similar to the ones done for Sucker Punch on the Blu-Ray extras, or similar to the linking animation parts in Sin City. Possibly it could be paid for by crowd sourcing funding with DVD preorders for it when it is done.
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  • Posted by Dragonscar 9 years ago
    In AS Rand makes it clear that, once a government has reached the point of making right wrong and vice versa, the only result is utter collapse. Since th US - and what appears to be much of the world - is careening headlong in the same direction politically (and this has been happening for many years, not just the last 4 1/4), what are the odds that we, not just our children, are facing the same outcome?
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  • Posted by OH45458 9 years ago
    Do you have access to Ayn Rand's rough copy for Atlas Shrugged?

    I don't know about anyone else, but I've always felt that the pace of the book accelerated dramatically after Dagny followed Gault to the hidden valley. It got the definite impression that she had perhaps received pressure from her editor and\or publisher to bring the book to an end, and that a lot of story line was discarded from the book as a result, just to bring it to an expeditious end.

    I'd be interested if my suspicion is correct, and if so, if some of this discarded content might perhaps make it into the movie.
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  • Posted by JEbrom 9 years ago
    Since Atlas Shrugged (first movie) originally premiered and now, has the popularity increased A LOT and how much (do you feel) is due to the truly goodness of the book and how much do you think the distrust and dissatisfaction in current administration has been the cause? For me personally I heard of the book when in talking to others that are disgusted with BO as well, and we are ALL looking for a positive... because we are all so frightened at where we've been headed and how fast the momentum is picking up - accelerated leap into destruction??
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