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Posted by AmericanGreatness 4 years, 7 months ago to News
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Satellite data shows temperature hasn't risen in the last 21 years. Never attempt to confuse a statist with the facts.
SOURCE URL: http://news.yahoo.com/another-month-another-global-heat-record-broken-far-180100305.html

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  • Posted by Lucky 4 years, 7 months ago
    I opened the link, read the article about heat records being broken,
    then went back to the top of the page.
    hmm , vocal alarmist Seth Borenstein.

    Then I saw in the upper right hand side under 'what to read next'-

    " 3/6: March roars in with record low temperatures; "
    "With so much snow in so many places, it's hard to believe Spring is two weeks away. March is already off to a cold start, with temperature records falling in more than a dozen cities."
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