Selling our History of Production - and Shipping it Overseas.

Posted by $ Susanne 6 years, 9 months ago to Business
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As we tear down our historic steel infrastructure, steel formed by companies like USS and Bethlehem a century ago, putting Americans to work, and send it to China as scrap... because there is no mind left in America to continue, or create, an industry to BUILD THINGS at home, and as such CREATE JOBS at home.

I have been told that there is no plant, no factory left in the US that could build the mighty works such as the Chrysler Building or The Golden Gate Bridge or the Holland Tunnel, or even the EQUIPMENT to build the steel to build such monuments to men's minds... that the ONLY way we can build mighty things is rely on China, and India, and other countries to do what we used to be best at, but cannot even try to do, because we have neither the facility, the knowhow, or even the desire to work hard and build, and produce, and thrive...

I look at the giant foundries, scrapped and ruined and forever gone... the great crucibles cold, corroded, and broken... The great talent sitting at home rather than keeping our nation great... and I cry. Unashamedly, shaking to my depths, I wail in the night for we have thrown our future away, discarded for a life of consuming, rather than producing.

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