The New Child Abuse Panic - "Overmedicalization"

Posted by CircuitGuy 5 years, 4 months ago to News
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The task force identified these warning signs of medical child abuse: a “highly attentive parent” who is “unusually reluctant to leave his/her child’s side”; a parent who “demands second and third opinions”; a parent who “is not relieved or reassured when presented with negative test results and resists having the child discharged from the hospital”; and a parent who has “unusually detailed medical knowledge.” These warning signs accurately describe many, if not most, loving parents of medically fragile children.

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  • Posted by gaiagal 4 years, 10 months ago
    I am one of these parents. The day my daughter turned 18 was the first day I was able to breathe a little more easily knowing she couldn't be removed from our home. As one of these parents you learn to walk a fine line. You have to learn how to avoid Munchausen by Proxy accusations and have a plan in place in the event a formal accusation takes place.

    I was lucky. I knew our support group had a lawyer available for consultations and the specialist who diagnosed my daughter was very accessible and well known. So we were all set when I was accused. It was still a frightening 30 days. I was very grateful that the state investigator was an intelligent, reasonable woman who did not appear swayed by politics.

    Over the last four years, my daughter, who is now 23, has had to learn to be her own advocate. This can be difficult when her cognitive abilities are affected during an incident. She has had to figure out a way...her father and I won't be around forever.

    She is a third year nursing student. Her plan is to go for her Advanced Practice degree immediately after obtaining her BSN.
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