Humans - new series on AMC

Posted by $ Technocracy 8 years, 5 months ago to Video
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I only rarely bring up a TV series, most of them are not worth watching in my opinion. However this one, Humans, has possibilities.

The concept for the show is how synthetic humans would or would not fit into society. The show originated in the UK, so some of the dialog will be a little strange to Americans. The possibilities they could explore are profound.

Synthetic Humans - depending on societal reaction, an analogue to slaves/slavery.
Synthetic Humans becoming part of a family offers avenues to explore aspects of love. Do people care for them like pets? More?

Synthetic Humans and Sex - you know this will be a hot topic (no pun intended) Likely to be where it flounders.

I do not think this show is going to go on for too long, I think the PC police will try to kill it. At some point it will gore one of their sacred oxen, either through trivializing it or making fun of it.

I'm going to enjoy the thought and philosophy questions it conjures up while I can.

Give it a look and discuss what you think about it.

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