Reality versus threats and predictions

Posted by Lucky 4 years, 11 months ago to Philosophy
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Starring: The UN, The World Bank, The Pope, and The Twitter account of the 'Leader of the Free World'.

There is an increasing gap between the dire threats of the climate alarmist movement and reality. As a cynic would predict, there is shriller, louder and more panic driven propaganda. Even the Holy Father (Pope Francis) has been co-opted to join His Holiness (Dalai Lama).

The so-called scientific models have failed, spectacularly.
They not only fail on global decadal scales, but on regional, local, short term, polar, and upper tropospheric scales too. They fail on humidity, rainfall, drought and they fail on cloud feedbacks. The hot spot is missing. The major feedbacks which are so essential to the supposed theory do not amplify the effect of CO2 as assumed, but there is no evidence that CO2 has any effect to amplify. CO2 is indeed increasing, the only detectable evidence is increasing crop yields and the spread of vegetation.

Failed predictions include:
No global warming for over 18 years
Failure of all leading climate models by predicting warming trends that do not eventuate
Complete absence of a predicted signature mid-troposphere hot spot thus completely invalidating a key prediction of the 'theory'
Storms, floods, droughts and heat waves all remain well within historical limits
Arctic sea ice is well within historical limits, and Antarctic sea ice is at record highs
Rate of sea level rise shows no evidence of acceleration
Island land area of Pacific atolls is growing, not decreasing
No evidence of increasing rate of extinctions
No evidence of increasing incidence of coral bleaching events
No credible evidence of major climate induced shifts in fisheries or other ecosystems
Polar bear numbers well above levels of the recent past
Winter snow cover is not decreasing
Agricultural yields are increasing, not decreasing
No mass movement of refugees attributable to climate change
No latitudinal expansion of tropical diseases

This website, the Gulch, is a forum for Objectivism, discussion and ideas provoked by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
So what is the Objectivist angle to this carbon change crap?
A monster fraud, scam, the weight of money most of it from government? Yes to all.
There is one more, the biggest of all, the motivator of the feel-good classes, it is altruism.
(Now I am only a 75% Objectivist so I cannot bring myself to say that altruism is always bad, I prefer to call it 'false altruism').
It is the reaction of the unthinking who want to do their bit and save the world from this invented and false threat. It is expressed in such a way that it is hard to counter. I suggest do not attack the altruism, but attack the lack of thought, present facts, encourage enlightened self-interest.
Or is this optimistic? Maybe ridicule is better.

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