Gun control: excuses, excuses

Posted by Temlakos 8 years, 5 months ago to Government
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The Charleston shooting incident had Barack Obama coming out early telling Americans to turn in their guns. But he made a flawed statement from flawed numbers. I have some good numbers, and better perspectives, in the linked article.

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  • Posted by nsnelson 8 years, 5 months ago
    There were some very good points made here. Thank you for sharing.

    My bottom line has more to do with my natural right to life, and therefore I have a right to self-defense, and therefore I have a right to equip myself for self-defense with a tool efficient for this task. Gun control laws will not keep guns out of the hands of those intent on violating our rights, and it will not keep them out of alleged "gun-free zones." It is just because those people are out there that I insist on my right to equip myself for self-defense.
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