What's in (or behind) a "mau_suit"

Posted by bubah1mau 5 years, 9 months ago to Politics
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Although Ms. Clinton now publicly denies that the expression "mau_suit" has any particular meaning or fascination for her, actions and facts, and semiotic implications based on these, speak louder than her words.

First of two things to consider: her "mau_suit" account established on her private server, and even the account title, never would have become public knowledge had the account not been hacked by a code-savvy investigator who was working in conjunction with Fox News (one of the few media outlets that is not subservient to the Clintons—witness the recent Stephanopoulos affair in which perhaps the most prominent of ABC news editors and media movers was forced to reveal his clandestine allegiance to and presumably unshakable political bias for the Clintons). Ms. Clinton's choice of the term "mau_suit" in fashioning a secret email account and her suave public denial that it has any special meaning to her are at least sound evidence that the term's connection to her was never intended for public consumption.

Second, although she publicly disputes that the term "mau_suit" has any special meaning—at least to her—the strong implication of her personal choice of the term amply suggests a mindset and modus operandi for creating a Spartan public image that apparently denies aspirations of wealth and power (in the hardline tradition of Mao Zedong) while knowing fully that such a cover is, in itself, an unequivocal statement of power to those who follow the socialist-Marxist line (also in the tradition of Mao). Although she publicly denies any personal significance or connection to it now that the account's existence has been widely announced (and she can't deny the account's existence), the semiotic implications of "mau_suit" would appear to be intriguing and significant to Ms. Clinton, enough to conjure up an idée fixe and remind her (and a few very intimate others) of a shared mental fascination.

What we can deduce from the above argument is that Ms. Clinton is very likely to be an astute political strategist who hides her agenda and power-lust behind carefully chosen public images. She has taken her college courses in semiology to heart. Her own intimate secrets thus reveal her not only as a political schemer, but as one fully capable of carrying the Maoist-Marxist banner while planning either to one day fulfill its implication of a socialist agenda in fact, or use it more expediently as subterfuge for her own political (and financial?) aggrandizement. The latter course would point more toward a less currently fashionable but, in that event, better fitting "himmler_suit", symbolic of another died-in-the-wool political schemer/coattail rider, fashioned, as it would seem, from the same cloth.

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SOURCE URL: http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/06/one-of-hillarys-secret-illegal-e-mail-addresses-is-mausuitclintonemail-com/

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