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Posted by MinorLiberator 5 years ago to Politics
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Not sure if the title is the correct analogy, but AR used it, and it seems right.

I am just somewhat cynical, but every now and then I see something that goes beyond even my "seen everything" cynicism.

Here we see the "hidden agenda" of unions who strongly backed, with money, pickets, etc. the ridiculous rise in the minimum wage in LA to $15 (discussed in earlier threads)..

And now we learn, as we all know union membership has been declining severely for years, this was simply a ploy to increase union membership.

How? Well, more details in the article, but simply: if a "bad Capitalist" company like Walmart unionizes, then the union wants them exempt from the minimum wage. Huh?

Once again "chickens". "what next", "has the world turned on its head"...I'm beyond thinking of a proper phrase to describe what I think about this.

Finally, I thought at first this belonged under "Economics"...but decided this is SO politics...

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