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  • Posted by Zenphamy 8 years ago
    What does this post have to do with Objectivism, AR, or AS?
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    • Posted by 8 years ago
      Hi, Zen! . since you have been here almost 2 years,
      you are aware that discussions ramble far and wide
      about subjects from epistemology to fashion, from
      science to astrology. . I do not have blinders on, as
      you do not, and the descending values in our nation
      are -- in my view -- pertinent to our lives.

      this post is particularly interesting to me, since I served
      as the classification officer at the manhattan project's
      y12 plant before I retired. . and since I know from
      personal acquaintance with the subject that
      Hillary did have sensitive info on her private
      computer, the subject is perhaps important to the
      20,000 potential readers here.

      if we should constrain ourselves exclusively to
      Rand subjects, we might have a far less enticing
      and relevant site. . I do sincerely hope that this
      is OK with you and the administration, since I love
      being here as a member of a smart, morality-based
      group of objectivists and wanna-bes. . yes? -- j
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