Under the Bolsheviks

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Being a history buff, I read a lot of esoteric tomes that can be quite obscure. I am currently reading the personal accounts of a man that struggled against the Bolshevik Revolutionaries in Tashkent, Turkestan. Paul Nazaoroff was a Russian born citizen, was a highly educated western oriented geologist, ornithologist, archaeologist, linguist and more. He led the resistance effort in Turkestan against the Red Bolsheviks in 1918 and into the 1920's. His description of the deprivations the Reds brought to a once thriving region rich in minerals and culture are very thought provoking in their imagery:

"Not far from us there was a Communist establishment of Bolsheviks. It had been taken from the executors of General R., a splendidly laid out and equipped estate with a large and productive fruit-garden. Men and women came to manage the place on Communist principles. The Tashkend Soviet gave these pioneers of proletarian culture huge sums of money and supplied them generously with wine and vodka. Besides that, they had the right of commandeering without appeal anything they wanted from the local agriculturalists. Every day Akbar reported to me how they robbed and took horses and cattle, and how cruelly these pioneers behaved to the helpless Sart population. The head of the business was a notorious Tashkend drunkard and vagabond who had previously dealt in petty thieving."

A formerly thriving population of "sustainable" agriculturalists are now reduced to a starving populace. People are shot, thrown in freezing prisons, or just disappear from their families. The Whites are staging a rebellion with help from connections to the west, particularity the Brits from India. Paul Nazaroff is the head of the rebellion and is hunted through the mountains of Central Asia, eventually ending crossing the Himalayas to British India.

This is a fascinating read on such an important chapter of 20th Century history and the nature of the utter depravity of collective civilizations - if one can use that term at all.

The narrative is complemented excellently by the similar experiences of the British agent Colonel Bailey, who hid out in Tashkent for two years under the noses of the Soviet Che Ka. He knew and assisted Paul Nazaroff with western money for the rebellion.

Similar to all the known history of the Nazi regime, it is terrifying to know that this has already happened and represents a history that could so easily be repeated.



SOURCE URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Nazaroff

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