We've now established the price of a "legacy"...

Posted by MinorLiberator 4 years, 2 months ago to Politics
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Sigh. I wrote in another thread just hours ago about just how low this man can go, and said it knows no bounds.

As my father used to say: "JHC", just give him a few minutes...

We've gone from an actual, real, long-standing principle (remember those, i.e., principles?):

"We won't negotiate with terrorists"...to:

"Well, we will negotiate with terrorists, because I will do almost anything to preserve my LEGACY"...


"We will now BRIBE terrorists to preserve my legacy"...

To quote an FNC host I have no particular respect for:

"Where am I going wrong here"?

And to think, in my list of "things to post" I saw another story last weekend about "Obama willing to compromise on Iran"...

I actually, naively, before I read details behind the link, thought that it meant he was going to compromise with Congress on their insistence on review of any deal with Iran...

But no...as if not everything up to this point was total abdication and compromise, it was some additional point Obama/Kerry were going to give to the Mullahs.

As the nuns used to say: "Any questions, comments, or criticisms"?

SOURCE URL: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/04/21/state-department-wont-rule-out-50b-signing-bonus-for-iran/

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