...and on the not so good: ARREST climate change deniers?

Posted by MinorLiberator 4 years ago to Politics
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Apparently ClimateGate from a couple of years back, and a lot of recent, objective evidence is making even some former believers questions AGW.

So apparently here's the solution from the State Institute of Science..."put 'em in jail"...

BTW, the link is totally against this idea, and a great source of debunking the climate change myth, so have a look at it...

PS: I almost posted this under Science...but I think I made the right choice in the end...
SOURCE URL: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/04/07/another-call-to-arrest-climate-deniers/

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  • Posted by Mamaemma 4 years ago
    You posted to the correct topic. Hey, kinda makes me feel like Galileo! These AGW believers are as unreasonable and harsh as the Catholic Church was.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 4 years ago
    It sounds like Mr. Torcello is using the L'Aquila as a model of how would we *should* treat scientists and people who make scientific claims. Then he says he doesn't think they should have been prosecuted. So why bring it up?

    It's very bad to prosecute people for being wrong. The whole enterprise of science is based on being open to new evidence and sifting and winnowing to find the truth.

    Torcello goes on to say "my argument probably raises an understandable, if misguided, concern regarding free speech." It's not misguided. He talks about all the funding that goes into misinformation. But information is almost free today. Scientists need to put the truth out there, not try to stifle these interest groups with criminal sanctions.
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    • Posted by 4 years ago
      So you agree, AGW has been scientifically shown to be incorrect, and its sycophants shown to be be "true believers" in junk science?
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        Posted by CircuitGuy 4 years ago
        Not at all. The scientific evidence is that it's a huge problem. I'm saying we should respond to well-funded misinformation campaigns by simply stating the truth, not by trying to silence them.

        I find it odd the author invokes the infamous case of scientists convicted of manslaughter for failing to predict an earthquake.
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        • Posted by Technocracy 4 years ago

          The manipulated data shows it as a problem.

          In the 70s it was the incipient ice age, that dog didn't hunt so they changed to global warming. Which is also BS

          Like the causes of the Ozone hole and the junk science they used to ban DDT
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