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Posted by stargeezer 8 years, 1 month ago to The Gulch: Feature Requests
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It would be very awesome if we could include pics with our posts. Several forums I'm a part of include this as a premium feature for supporters.

If you clic on the link (my favorite pastime BTW) you see a photobucket example.

Next; How about thumbnail pics we can include as icons with our posts.
SOURCE URL: http://i1284.photobucket.com/albums/a579/Larry_Kruzan/triggertime1_zps7cfde49d.jpg

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  • Posted by jbaker 8 years ago
    I'm afraid I just now saw this stargeezer. Have you tried attaching images using the little green camera icon? It doesn't work quite the same way as the example you posted, but you can add images and it will use one of them as a thumbnail for your post.

    Any additional feedback welcome.
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  • Posted by LetsShrug 8 years, 1 month ago
    Impressive...and you're my new best friend. :)
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    • Posted by $ 8 years, 1 month ago
      Don't mistake my using really big scopes for being a great shot. Actually I'm almost blind and need those to shoot 100 yards. ;)

      Really I do enjoy long range shooting and in my last NRA meet I put 93% of my shots in the 10 ring at 600 yards. At 100 yards, well, there was just one hole, a bit bigger than my bullet.

      The rifle in my hands is a Savage 10BA in .308, which is a pretty new rifle that I'm breaking in. The AR is one I built with a 24" Stainless barrel, Magpul furniture, Rock River upper and Lower and few other goodies. It's a tack driver out to 500 yards.

      I'm building a pistol version of it right now. I have figured out a way to carry it on my wheelchair in a concealed manner.

      Guns are fun!

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