Hypocrisy...and the sanction of the victim...

Posted by MinorLiberator 4 years, 4 months ago to Economics
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There's going to be a lot worse let's say "stuff" coming down before the consequences of Seattle's minimum wage fiasco play out in the long term. But two quotes struck me as noteworthy. The first is in a paragraph about the openly Socialist councilperson, who pushed for the change, and the quote is from Ty Moore, "the 15Now national organizer":

"The movement really took off in Seattle after the 2013 campaign and election of Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council as a “socialist alternative” candidate. 15Now’s prediction, according to Moore, is that 'any job losses that do happen will be more than compensated for by job gains because they are putting more wages in workers’ pockets'."

In other words, they don't even pretend that the minimum wage hike is NOT going to throw people out of work. They know it will. But GREAT for the people with the pull to get those jobs that remain. By "job gains" Moore clearly means more money for people who get the jobs. The "gain" in money in their pockets (and maybe in union dues?).

The other is from a restaurant owner, and speaks for itself:

“It will be difficult to staff the front of the house as well as we have before,” Brendan McGill, the chef and owner of the Hitchcock Restaurant Group, told FoxNews.com.

Although McGill supports the minimum wage increase, he noted that, “less people will be fighting over each other to fill up your water.”

End quote.

Anybody out there shrugging?
SOURCE URL: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/03/24/restaurant-industry-warns-fallout-as-15-minimum-wage-hike-nears/

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