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Posted by $ puzzlelady 9 years, 1 month ago
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Beautiful images are below--please scroll down! Far down! Click thumbnails for full view.

Original games and puzzles designed and made by Objectivists, available only directly through the website and at art shows (and at The Atlas Summit). So beautiful, they're art. Unique lasercut acrylic mosaics and handcrafted wood gameboards are a celebration of the mind and offer endless challenges for lively intellects.

See my article, "Gamepuzzles--Paradigms of a Rational World": http://kates-takes.blogspot.com/2014_...

I have designed over 200 "playable art" pieces since 1979, enjoyed by all ages, from kids to adults. At 43 years of business, we're better than ever!

Check out all my offerings on the website (http://www.gamepuzzles.com), with easy and secure ordering. Join our community of intelligent collectors, experience the undiluted joy of thinking. We also accept PayPal.

If you like mysteries, there are many hidden treasures and playable features throughout the website. Can you find a secret link that would give you a surprise or even win you a prize?

Also check out and "like" our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/gamepuzzles for special news, designs and features. Our fledgling YouTube channel has a few videos you might enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/user/katalinj...

A philosophical footnote: These puzzles are an expression of freedom, since they have countless solutions. They are the antithesis of totalitarianism, and each gives players the rare pleasure of experiencing their own efficacy. See a video interview about my work and ideas here: http://www.gamepuzzles.com/video.htm -- it won the producer an Emmy.

Attached to this post are a few samples. Prices of these range from $65 to $195. Click on the thumbnails for enlarged views.

These are just a tiny sampling of over 200 different models, so be sure to check out the full website. Total price range is from $9 to $1295. Order direct--no retailer mark-up.

Starting from first row, left to right:

Intarsia, 16 each of only two kinds of tiles form exquisite reversible designs in 26 septillion ways. $95 | Trio in a Tray, three puzzles in one plus combos form surprising images. $42 | Grand Roundominoes, 83 tiles from 1 to 5 circles joined, a masterpiece of clean complexity. $195 | Hexdominoes, 27 color pairs plus 6 singles form awesomely beautiful color compositions in and outside the tray. $95 | Grand Snowflake, 70 unique tessellated squares match sensuously; not for beginners. $155 | Boats, 36 pointy dominoes match colors in hundreds of patterns. $95 | Lemma, 23" engraved, handpainted wood gameboard, a rule-creating metagame as paradigm of mind and world. $125 |

Dezign-8, 64 inlaid path tiles form awesome symmetries, play strategy games. $195 | Hopscotch, 24 tiles of half-offset connected squares, delightfully complex. $72 | L-Sixteen, 16 holey L's mix 4 colors, form mazes and fancy figures. $65 | La Ora Stelo, the 32 tiles are polyforms of golden triangles, solve sophisticated challenges. $72 | Pentarose, 36 pentagon-based tiles explore non-periodic assemblies, based on work of Sir Roger Penrose. $72 | MemorIQ, 24 hexagons inlaid with snub pentagons, match colors in hundreds of shapes. $95 | Rhombiominoes, 20 tiles of 5 rhombs each, our hardest puzzle. $72 |

Quintillions, 12 solid maple blocks (pentominoes) build fabulous 2D and 3D structures, our No. 1 product. $85 | Trifolia, 24 Escheresque tiles match edges by straight, waves, hills, valleys. $65 | Game of Y, superb strategy game as deep as and more accessible than go, plus 6 other games on curvy triangular board. $95 | Six by Six, engraved wood board serves for 32 strategy games and dozens of puzzle categories, with 36 handcrafted wood disks and 36 engraved wood cylindrical pawns. $149 | Kaliko, 85 wood tiles with paths in 3 colors to match and score for long paths. $135 | Snowflake Super Square, where hearts and spaces interlock in any combination. $65 | ChooChooLoops, curvy combinations of quarter arcs form loops and paths around islands. $65 |

-- Kate Jones, puzzlelady

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SOURCE URL: http://www.gamepuzzles.com

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  • Posted by Technocracy 8 years, 10 months ago
    The posted picture really do not do these puzzles justice.
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    • Posted by $ 8 years, 10 months ago
      Thanks, Tech. Glad you got a chance to see them in person at the Summit. It was fun watching philosophers trying their hand at solving some of these puzzles and listening to my metaphorical/epistemological explanations. Who'd think puzzles are paradigms of world and mind?
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  • Posted by awebb 9 years, 1 month ago
    Kate - welcome to the Marketplace. Love the goods on display! I'm going to PM you with a suggestion or two to improve your listing/daily digest blurb.
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  • Posted by Eudaimonia 9 years ago
    Kate, I just purchased Tangoes (I like tangrams) and Shape by Shape.

    I look forward to playing them.
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    • Posted by $ 9 years ago
      Thanks, Euda. Those two are not products we make, but they are so fine that we like to offer them alongside our own. You'll enjoy them for a long time. As for Shape by Shape, once you're good with them, you can upgrade to their more advanced relative, our Tan Tricks sets. And someday you might like to try Triangoes Jr., which is a fancier form of the tangrams concept, with colors added. You can try Triangoes Jr. for free in the Puzzle Parlor in our website.
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      • Posted by Eudaimonia 9 years ago
        Kate, I just got the games in the mail today.

        I like solitaire type puzzles.
        I guarantee that both games will have a trial run this weekend.

        I will take a second look at your site soon and see if any of the games you actually make strike my fancy.

        Looking forward to playing.

        Rick (Eudaimonia)
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