Meet Bloomberg’s Latest Idiot: Shobhana Chandra On Why Falling Prices Cause Hungry People To Starve

Posted by Kittyhawk 4 years, 7 months ago to Economics
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From the article by David Stockman:

Did the Onion hack Bloomberg’s website? Or perhaps it was Charlie Hebdo and The Strawman Collective. Surely only a prankster could write the following with a straight face:

On the surface, everything getting cheaper sounds like a dream come true. It’s not. The prospect is so terrifying that it’s prompted central bankers around the industrialized world to pour trillions of dollars into their economies to prevent a sustained drop in prices.

That’s right, one Shobhana Chandra—–apparently an unpaid Bloomberg intern who snuck one by the night editor—finds honest money to be “terrifying”.

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