I.Q. BUILDERS: Collectivist FRAUD! (summary)

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I.Q. BUILDERS: Collectivist FRAUD! (summary)

* http://youtu.be/NGS7OsNXUkY

COLLECTIVIST FRAUD! Are We All One?! Social Engineering and the (alleged) Alternative Culture. Corporate consumerism is a cancer that is eating the planet! The question, "Are We 'All-One?!'" leads us to the realization of the deliberate engineering and management of movements and alternative cultures through a concept known as, 'COINTELPRO' that is an acronym for 'COunter INTELligence PROgrams' which are covert projects aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations and targeting groups and individuals that are deemed subversive by allegedly 'official' government organizations. This practice is also known as, 'Controlled Opposition.'

* There are multiple stages to the 'waking up' process. Some 'awakenings' are in reality carefully constructed cages.
* To change the FUTURE, you must first understand the PAST.
* By some estimates, 90% of the actual facts of history in the post-WWII era are 'classified' and held top secret by the dominant world powers, "For reasons of National Security."
* Much of the rest is polluted by DISINFORMATION.
* Navigating covert history requires equal parts evidence-based research & investigation, deductive reasoning, common sense, and freedom of speculation.
* Most, if not all, of the major Western cultural and political movements of the last 100 years have been either engineered or thoroughly infiltrated, redirected, and ultimately neutralized.

"The fruits of good movements are too widely dispersed. The Intelligence Services have been breaking up leftist type organizations and social-cultural activities with a purposeful vengeance. Divide-and-Conquer is the rule. Anywhere people get together they are infiltrated." -- Mae Brussell, 1978

"What's Past is Prologue." -- William Shakespeare, meaning that what you THINK is documented history is actually what is about to come in the future as long as the current group of people are both in power and in control of the monetary system!

In the wake of the Holocaust, Western Elites set themselves to the task of studying and understanding the origins of Fascism and the kind of racial and ethnic hatred that led to the extermination of nearly 11 million 'undesirables.'

Through the Macy Conferences held in New York (1945 - 1953) and work pioneered at the Frankfurt School and the Institute for Social Research, The Stanford Research Institute, The CIA's 'Human Ecology Fund' (Cornell Univ), and the Esalen Institute, the blueprints for the New Age Religion & Movement were laid.

Although begun benignly, with the intention of creating world peace, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Fascist 'counter-revolution' over the next 30 years - with the emergence of the New Left and the secret mind-mapping studies of the Pentagon and the CIA (known as PROJECTS MKULTRA & ARTICHOKE) - a psychological profile was developed, which would serve as the basis for engineering an entire culture whose sole purpose would be to contain and control the left leaning (right-brained) personality that originally gravitated towards revolutionary ideas.

It was introduced amidst a flood of army-produced LSD as 'Flower Power' and 'The ME Generation' and eventually morphed into the multi-billion dollar commercial New Age market's 'Culture of Narcissism,' all the while convincing the adherents that they were participating in a revolutionary subculture that was 'Evolving' the human race.

The Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual
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* http://vimeo.com/91200667 The Century of the Self
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FULL 103-minute version:
* http://vimeo.com/112563202

DISCLAIMER 1: In the full version of this video Charles Shaw says that the Occupy Movement was CREATED by the CIA which is bullshit. While it is obviously possible that the Occupy Movement had ben 'co-opted' or manipulated AFTER-THE-FACT it was not 'created' or initially funded by either George Soros or the CIA. Because, I MYSELF posted the VERY FIRST video about the Occupy Wall Street Protests by incorporating and re-editing an older RT of a previous Wall Street protest video since there was ZERO media coverage of the actual event at the time: http://youtu.be/cG_TKAJyV6k

DISCLAIMER 2: The government DID NOT create the Internet! The Internet was created by 'hackers' like myself who single-handedly connected their computers via modems to each other in their own homes and transferred files around the world! Later, the military or ARPANET 'co-opted' OUR 'Internet' (it was not called the Internet back then) for their own purposes similar to what ended up happening to the Occupy Movement.

KEYWORDS: Charles Shaw, COINTELPRO, Controlled Opposition, Covert, Agent Provocateur, False Flag Operations, Social Engineering, Fabianism, Fabian Society, Alternative Culture, Collectivism, Macy Conferences, Frankfurt School, Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, Cultural Marxism, Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual
SOURCE URL: http://youtu.be/NGS7OsNXUkY

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    Thanks for posting that! I went ahead and watched the entire presentation and now I've started watching the rest of the presentations from the Open Mind Conference.

    For me this video tied in well with the article I read earlier about inductive reasoning.
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