Man sent back to prison for getting job that started too early in the morning

Posted by sdesapio 5 years, 6 months ago to Government
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A prisoner who was released on licence is spending Christmas back in jail after he was punished for taking a job which started at 6.15 in the morning, 45 minutes before his night-time curfew expired. His parole was supervised by a private company, one of 21 put in place in June after the Probation Service stopped having day-to-day supervision of short-term released prisoners.

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  • Posted by Lucky 5 years, 6 months ago
    48 yo man is released from an open prison under parole. (August)
    He had to be supervised and wear a tag, and was subject to a night-time curfew.
    He looked for work, was given a trial as a driver, then given the job. (September) He bought his own uniform. He had to start at 6:15am but the rules said curfew till 7am - the supervising parole officer said this was ok.
    At his next parole interview he was put back in jail for curfew breach.

    At least in this case the wheels of government may still be turning, by rights he should, eventually, get the ok for the job and an apology, a commendation even, to expect a rethink by the admin people is likely to be a bit much.

    Typical government thinking- expecting a man to step out of jail and go into cold storage while the bureaucrats ponder over a decision.
    They assume he would be just another long term welfare client, instead he took commendable initiative by finding work.
    Rules, procedures, forms, signatures, approvals,schedules, licences, management, signing-off, ... no sense of time, no concept of the needs of the man needing work. This is what Einstein meant when he said 'Never forget your humanity'. An alien concept in the 'public service'.
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    • Posted by Timelord 5 years, 6 months ago
      It's true this may get resolved in his favor, but will the employer be willing to reinstate him? One can only hope that he will.

      If anyone ever notices an update I hope it gets posted here.
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  • Posted by $ nickursis 5 years, 6 months ago
    Typical bureaucratic insanity in a world filled with drones that have single digit IQs and no imagination. "Go ahead and do it so we can send you back to jail and bilk taxpayers for more of their money" said the moronic prison warden as he started another video game. "Too busy for mere paperwork, have to get to the next level". What a load of crap...
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  • Posted by DaveM49 5 years, 6 months ago
    I hope he got something in writing from his parole officer. Official-looking pieces of paper are the one argument that (at least at times) makes an impression on people who operate by "policy".

    No doubt Inspector Javert is in on this somewhere.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 5 years, 6 months ago
    This reminds me of when my Progressive auto insurance plug-in did not like driving to a night job.
    Flo said, "No discount for dino!"
    Like my now grown little girl used to say to her misbehaving brothers, "I'm tellin'! I'm tellin'!"
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