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Posted by $ Commander 6 years, 11 months ago to Culture
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To: "The Gulch" (Posted to "Culture" respecting this forum)
I find joy "here". Exercise of the mind and spirit. All of you are causal, in the following text and attached video, of the cycles of reflection and assertion of which I embrace.

The purpose of celebrating the eight seasonal festivals is to create a pattern or rhythm in our year that allows for a few hours’ pause every six weeks or so in our busy and often stressful routine, so that we can open to the magic of being alive on this earth at this special time. It gives us a chance to fully enter the moment, to connect with the life of the earth and the land around us, and to feel the influence of the season in our bodies, hearts and minds. If we celebrate on our own, it is a time when we can enter into meditation, perhaps reviewing our life since the last festival, thinking forward to the next one, then returning to open ourselves fully to the Here and Now – soaking in the energies of earth and sky, and the trees and plants around us, and radiating our love and blessings to the Earth and all beings.

Adapted from What Do Druids Believe? by Philip Carr-Gomm, Granta, 2006

I offer these as symbol of greatest respect and love for your reflections and offerings.

Blessed holidays....all

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  • Posted by $ jlc 6 years, 11 months ago
    As a rational human, I am quite agnostic.

    As a poet, the pagan holidays speak to me more sincerely than those of modern religions. I spoke to the Sun this morning: She said she had had her fill of bumming around the beaches of Rio de Janero and then she turned her back on the South and began strolling up the curve of the world to visit us here in the North again.

    It is a beautiful sunny day here in So Cal. Happy Solstice, all.

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  • Posted by Herb7734 6 years, 11 months ago
    A trip to Fantasyland can be refreshing. I can, however, think of other events to commemorate. We already have an Independence Day, so how about some celebrating Pearl Harbor Day and 911 Day, in a way that reminds us of the unique exceptionalism of the USA.
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  • Posted by Robbie53024 6 years, 11 months ago
    Since we seem to have survived the longest night in millennia, happiest of holidays to all (whether that be Hanukah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Kwanzaa or whatever floats your boat)! And a blessed and prosperous New Year to all (and for the hard core O's out there, no blessing for you!).
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