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  • Posted by $ Susanne 8 years, 7 months ago
    Thank you for that!

    I loved the scene where Boo flys to the guys shoulder... catches itself by a talon and crawls up to the shoulder... Smart bird!!! (Then again, like most parapeligics - or in this case, parakeetapeligics - you learn what you can't do, then make do with what you CAN do!)

    BTW, if you didn't know, a birds physiology is set up so when it leans back on its legs, the talons close mechanically - which is why they can sleep perched on branches without falling over. Also, a birds wing is not totally dissimilar to a human arm and hand... so when boo learned to crawl, it's no different than a human doing the same thing!

    Remarkable, and awesome - thanks!

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