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  • Posted by XenokRoy 6 years, 9 months ago
    I could not and would not add my name to this Manifesto. While I agree with the premis that the Federal Government has gone to far, it needs to be corrected through political process. Through the lawful election of poeple who will work together to remove regulation and taxation from the laws, and return the courts to constitutional law rather than case Law.

    The communist in America would love nothing more than for us to start a revolution with a declaration of what is wrong and a willingness to go to physical violence. They would swoop in after the constitution was defeated and remove it forever before it could be put back into place.

    This document also goes to far with accusations against the US. It has the tone of the french revolution and would lead us to our own Napoleon Bonaparte and a war that would spread not just through Europe but the entire world.
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    • Posted by Superintendent 6 years, 9 months ago
      I can't agree with you more on your assessment of this manifesto. Have you noticed that the chapter dictating the U.S. foreign policy can be lifted from any left-wing publication? I love the whole "Undeclared Wars" thing against Islamists. I guess they think we deserved 9-11 after all.

      There's also the part where the U.S. should lift his embargo against Cuba (a declared enemy Communist country) while imposing one on Israel (a friendly democratic country surrounded by religious fanatics). If they can't see the utter derision behind this stance, it tells us about the conviction of those who wrote it.
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