Bundy Ranch - Senator Harry Reid labels this famly Terrorists without a trial?

Posted by Tsul-Kalu 5 years, 8 months ago to Government
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Bundy Family at Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) Treated as DOMESTIC TERRORIST‏
"WOW, Harry Reid really tagged me in the federal database as a Domestic Terrorist". I have never been charged or prosecuted with anything in my life, and yet Senator Reid, without due process, has declared me, for life, as a Domestic Terrorist. He unilaterally named me, Ammon Bundy, a terrorist against the people of this country, the people I love and would so willingly to give my life for.
This incident reaffirmed to me the danger that the American people are in. When a very small group of elitist use the peoples power without authority, and are willing to destroy the lives of those who disagree or stand up to them, when this type of unlimited power is commonly exercised without checks and balances the people are in danger.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 5 years, 8 months ago
    "This incident reaffirmed to me the danger that the American people are in"
    The danger is very real.
    The word "terrorist" is almost meaningless. We shouldn't even in informal speech brand someone a criminal who has not be convicted of a crime.
    We are in grave danger from the willingness to brand people who we disagree with or who stand up to authority as criminals.
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