Huh. Maybe I'm Actually a Liberal Democrat...

Posted by $ Abaco 2 months, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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Here's a little truth to spruce up your day...


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  • Posted by Dobrien 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    I said this earlier, Biden is just a skin suit for Obama. If you want to take RFKjr seriously besides his somewhat Vaccine hesitancy. It is impossible to do so. He is a climate change idiot. Then Look at his VP Pick. The ex wife of Sergei Brin ( you know the founder of Google) . Google owner of you tube , give me a fuQing break. Plus he is flat out wrong about the censorship by social Media weaponized by Buydem for the first time in history. I had arguments with EWV 8 years ago about the social media co.s were censoring US. EWV ‘s arguement was only the Government could censor. So the social media cos were private and therefore by definition couldn’t be accused of censoring. Today of course we know that Obama and his minions had perfected the manipulation of algorithms to shut down the truth being presented.
    FB GOOG ++ Plus hired many FBI agents and they had regular meetings with Fed angents about who how and what to block shadows ban or whatever. How did Trump have his Twitter account taken down by Biden ? When Trump was still President?
    The TDS symptom that this guy is just too divisive and he is Unpresidential is absurd and needing a replacement, due to that bias , clouds judgement.
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    • Posted by $ 2 months, 2 weeks ago
      "Climate change idiot"...meaning that he believes that humans create climate change? Trump will get distracted again by criticisms...spending too much time responding with tweets...again. He still champions the mRNA platform being rushed to circulation by a Fauci, even though these products weren't verified to actually be effective...let alone all those killed by them. I like Trump for the most part and I know you also like it when he draws a "Q" in the air (yeah...I saw that). But, don't you worry...RFK Jr won't be elected. I think Trump "should" win this election...But, it's going to be a hot mess no matter what happens. I personally don't think they'll let Trump take office again.

      Must add...There's so much misinformation about RFK...You know you're over the target by the flak you're getting. My good fishing buddy kept saying he couldn't vote for RFK "because he's anti-2nd Amendment". I didn't really know so I looked it up. His actual stance? Not as reported at all. Not even close. Interesting...
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