Launch of a New Doorway to Freedom

Posted by 73SHARK 6 months ago to Politics
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The World Health Organization is laying the foundation to take control over all aspects of
everyone’s lives, across the world, under the auspice of “biosecurity”

A new organization called Door to Freedom is being set up as a one-stop shop where
everyone can learn what the plan is and what we can do to stop it. Door to Freedom also
hopes to align freedom organizations around the world to act in concert to get the word
out more widely

The global cabal that is trying to seize control over the world have access to loads of
capital, but they’re also using our tax dollars. The U.S. government has spent some $5
trillion on the pandemic response. Much of that money went to bribe media, hospitals,
influencers, churches, medical groups and other social organizations to push the ocial

Current laws give immunity to a lot of bad actors, including the Federal Reserve, the Bank
of International Settlements, everybody who works for the WHO and the UN, federal
government employees as well as many private organizations. Vaccines and their
manufacturers are also indemnified

We need to pass new laws that eliminate all of these indemnifications, so that we can
retroactively take them to court for the crimes they’ve committed

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