Federal Appeals Court Rules That for January 6 Defendants Standing Still and Quiet Is Disorderly Conduct

Posted by $ BobCat 3 months, 2 weeks ago to Government
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"... In a victory for the Justice Department and against commonsense, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday that merely being in the Capitol was enough to merit conviction for “disorderly” or “disruptive” conduct....
... Compare and contrast this novel concept of "disorderly conduct" with the free pass given to all George Floyd Memorial Riot and Looting Festival participants. In fact, remember when we were told that going to these riots removed social distancing and lockdown regulations?..."

How on Earth does one fight a corrupt, kangaroo court system??? Lady Justice has been removed from the Bench - just asK Pres. DJT.
SOURCE URL: https://redstate.com/streiff/2024/01/06/federal-appeals-court-rules-that-for-january-6-defendants-standing-still-and-quiet-is-disorderly-conduct-n2168368

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  • Posted by freedomforall 3 months, 2 weeks ago
    How on Earth does one fight a corrupt, kangaroo court system that wants to force people of conscience to revolt?
    A: Stop paying their salaries and boycott all the victimless rules. But that can't be done alone.
    The most direct peaceful way (without giving up your means of support aka job) is to start collecting signatures on a legal petition in favor or placing secession from the corrupt, corporate US on the ballot in your state, Expect to be the victim of dirty tricks and probably violent action by Deep State controlled terrorists like BLM. Those kangaroo courts will continue to illegally attack anyone who opposes the Ponzi system until millions act to oust them.
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