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Posted by retyryung 9 years ago to Movies
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This is being passed around Facebook.People will keep their opinion,like me, no matter what evidence you give to the contrary.What do you all think about this article?
SOURCE URL: http://aattp.org/galts-gulch-ayn-rands-libertarian-utopia-implodes-almost-instantly-after-launching/

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  • Posted by LetsShrug 9 years ago
    I think people made bad, emotionally based investments without researching it for themselves. I think the author of the article is an obvious Rand hater and misses the entire point (as usual), but feels he has a tool to use to ridicule so he's going to smarm it all over the place. The name calling should make his mission obvious.
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    • Posted by gerstj 9 years ago
      You nailed it. This basically another in a long line of stories about people looking for a paradise somewhere overseas and failing to do the due diligence that is absolutely required.
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  • Posted by 9 years ago
    Thanks.I tried to read the other articles on that sight ,but couldn't get far.
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    • Posted by $ Mimi 9 years ago
      Well, the site hates the Tea Party and all articles have to pass through that colored sieve. The Chili scam was exposed over the summer, but nobody here (that I know of) had ever paid any attention to the community, so there wasn’t a lot of surprise when it failed. What also doesn’t surprise me, is the timing of this rehashed story so late after the news actually broke. With the third movie in theaters now,passing this link around Facebook, will force a different result when you google the name of the movie, (like this hit piece on libertarian Galt’s Gulch.) This is actually a tactical act for those who..well...hate...libertarians. :)
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