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In Part 1 we presented the rich history of the City of London.
In Part 2 we presented the monetary history of America. We looked at how the colonies were forced to use fiat currency; how the birth of the Republic started with a central bank and huge public debts; how Andrew Jackson defeated the globalist central bankers, and how the Civil War forced America back onto fiat currency, which led to eye-watering public debt. We also showed how those Civil War bonds were snapped up by rich Prussians, including Otto von Bismarck and Gerson von Bleichroder.

Part 3 showed how globalist investors, with the help of Bismarck’s massive spy network, managed to subvert the United States Constitution’s 14th Amendment, and avoid a potential collapse in Civil War bond prices. The 1871 Treaty of Washington became one of the foundations for international law, laying the groundwork for the establishment of the League of Nations, and later the United Nations. Organizations such as the WHO use the UN’s system of treaties and international law to essentially override national sovereignty and implement its globalist policies. The UN and the WEF have now openly declared their partnership, signalling the co-ordination between unelected UN officials and the army of multinational corporations, which we refer to as the ReichsWEF.

Part 4 followed the money from the Civil War bonds after 1871. America’s debts were financed in the City of London, and globalist investors locked in enormous profits. European investors, mainly in Britain and Germany, used international corporate structures to control the resources and supply chains of America. This marked the birth of the infamous American monopolies, as well as the beginning of multinational corporations. In particular, the German-banking sector in New York had become so powerful, that they successfully implemented the US Federal Reserve; a private central bank modelled from the German Reichsbank.

The architect of the Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg. While he was busy implementing a central bank, his brother Max was advising the Kaiser on military preparations for a war that had not yet begun. Unsurprisingly, America’s entry into WWI allowed the Federal Reserve to rapidly expand its balance sheet, and flood the nation with its new currency, known as Federal Reserve Notes.

In this final part to the 1871 series, we will bring the monetary fiasco into the modern era, and show how the United States and its mighty dollar have become hostage to the globalist elite. We will show how We The People have been forced to defend the value of a fiat system that serves the globalist beast and its desire for a New World Order.
SOURCE URL: https://prussiagate.substack.com/p/1871-part-v

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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 1 month ago
    If there is a far-reaching, multi-generational global conspiracy – it is one that brainwashes the masses into trading their time, wealth and property for meaningless chits backed by nothing. Who needs global Communism?
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  • Posted by 1 month, 1 week ago
    Glad to provide this truth ,this history , hidden with intent from you for decades. Just as Norman Dodd has proven in his interview with G.Edward Griffith . American history studies was taken over by the banking cabal to keep you under a spell of ignorance. The spell is very strong.
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