Mises Institute author cites CO Gadsden-Flag boy’s clash w/ teachers, staff as living proof American revolutionary spirit still lives, why Revolution issues denote, transcend far more than “slavery”

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Ryan McMaken’s essay ends with a Rothbard quote affirming timeless libertarian ideals yet forming context for our ongoing Revolution—not a fraudulently alleged, irrelevant context of “slavery,” but rather a history of throwing off philosophical, political chains to enhance human earthly life.

Sharply in contrast with virtually all other global societies—nearly all of which contemporaneously embraced the institution of slavery in more degrading forms than found in the American colonies—it isn't slavery that made the American Revolution so earth-shatteringly radical, but rather living principles that led directly to capitalism's eventual, almost total, global elimination of slavery..
SOURCE URL: https://mises.org/power-market/why-american-revolution-still-matters

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    Yes, it is our Revolution, and every American should realize that he or she lives or dies according to the success of that Revolution, even today.
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