Human Industrial Complex - What Have We Wrought?

Posted by freedomforall 9 months, 1 week ago to Philosophy
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"We have been thinking about our humanity all wrong, it seems, not recognizing the reality for what it is. Because we are no longer the Human Race, but the Human Industrial Complex. We are commodities, in a position somewhere above animals but below the needs of the State. The term ‘sheep’ or ‘cattle’ turns out to be a rather apt description of what we have become. For decades now the business world has referred to us as human capital. We are an R.O.I. with values like our talent stack, and our skill set. To the political class we are simply tax payers or votes to be harvested. To the medical world we are percentages of mRna uptake in the population. No aspect of our actual humanity matters to anyone in the halls of power, busy as they are classifying us into threat levels and managing us by algorithm.

Word is among the conspiracy theorists that Pharma companies own patents not just on the mRna shots, but the resulting product of genetic modifications. Meaning people, if you follow the logic. Although legally dubious, you can still see the thinking and the ambition involved. It is similar to cancer-causing or behavior-modifying chemicals being put in our food and water supply. Let the resultant human impact be self-evident: Falling lifespans, the meteoric rise of autism, low testosterone, shortened attention spans, a docile population, etc.

With all of the stuff we ingest, inject, and absorb, they may as well clip ID tags to our ears. In a sense we are not very far from that. Call it vaccine passports, call it mark of the beast, but on this trajectory there is some threshold we will pass where our bodies, even our minds, will not be our own to control. This is what the ‘brain domain’ battlefield seems to be all about, gaining control of that last line of defense; the human will.

By becoming controllable, we have become the ‘known knowns’ in risk management, the part of the equation they can mold and shape to the desired outcome. What matters is not the wishes of We the People, but the wishes of Blackrock, the City of London, and others. We provide essential tax dollars and votes needed to implement the vision these others, and that is about all we are good for. For a time they will still need us as a labor component, but that too will change with increasing automation. This is all in sharp contrast to what School House Rock explained to us kids back in the ‘70s, about power being vested in the people. The illusion may still be there, but not the substance.

We act self-important, as if still calling the shots. We say silly things like “politicians work for us”. Yet we cannot stop the Pharma companies trying to experiment on us, the Data companies from selling us out, and the Education system from targeting our children with ideological nonsense. Those agendas are above the plebe paygrade, and it looks like nothing short of armed revolution is going to put a dent in it."

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