Crisis Actors...not fully censored yet

Posted by $ Abaco 4 months ago to Culture
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Years ago I started following this concept of crisis actors. My favorite from back then was a lady who had been "the man on the street" interview for several events like 9/11, and a few mass shootings. I found her story VERY interesting. Did these events really occur? I do think so. But, how did they get this same lady to each of them? Or did they? Did they just call her up and interview her as though she was there? FWIW, I will look for her and post it here if I find her. I used to love to watch crisis actors caught in the act on youtube. I find it hilarious, actually. censored all of those videos. Now, several years later I decided to see if Rumble had these types of clips and, sure enough, there they are. The crises actors from 9/11 through Sandy Hook are the absolute best! There are fantastic examples of terrible acting and a few people who happen to be at every event. I remember a comment on youtube about the lady I mentioned. The commenter said, "If you see the lady the the f&%k out of Dodge! Something's about to go down!" Cracked me up. Ends up, that particular lady was investigated and it was discovered that she worked for a Federal contractor down in South America somewhere. I find this stuff very fascinating and funny.

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