One more reason McConnell has to go...

Posted by $ blarman 6 days, 9 hours ago to Government
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Gotta love Mike Lee - one of the few in the Federal Legislature who actually gets it.
SOURCE URL: https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/commentary-how-the-firm-pushes-bad-spending-bills-and-what-we-can-do-about-it

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  • Posted by mccannon01 6 days, 5 hours ago
    I have to say I used to be somewhat fooled by "The Firm" until I began to understand the term "Uniparty". That was a few decades ago. Things have gotten a lot worse along the way.

    Excellent article, blarman. I hope it is widely read.
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  • Posted by term2 3 days, 8 hours ago
    Mc Connell is one step from the grave IMHO. He looks terrible and that whole "freeze" episode doesn't look good at all. He is a true RINO anyway The Repubs should just NOT pass any budget that isn't balanced, PERIOD. Let the government shut down. Better that IT shuts down than the country shuts down when the dollar is worthless.
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  • Posted by GaryL 3 days, 10 hours ago
    The entire 33 trillion national debt is a complete crock of manure. I dare anyone to tell us exactly who do we owe the $33T to? You can bet your arse it ain"t China or any other country and all of this is fully controlled by the Federal Reserve. A bunch of very wealthy thugs getting richer by the second. If this country came up with every penny of the $33T and made a one time full payment we would still be in deep debt and there is only one way to get out of it. Dump the Fed.
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    • Posted by $ 3 days, 9 hours ago
      I'd suggest that we refuse to pay them any more until they open their books for a complete audit. Then we use the audit info to charge them for their crimes and confiscate/nullify all that debt. Liquidate their assets completely - especially all that land they've been buying up around the country with invented funny-money.
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      • Posted by GaryL 3 days, 9 hours ago
        Great idea that is never going to happen! The reserve is tied up with many of the historical names that grew this country. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dupont, Kellogg, Eastman and lots of others who have us all by the short curly hairs.
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        • Posted by CaptainKirk 3 days, 7 hours ago
          Even better... Can they prove they were TAXED for the money the "Created"?
          If I created money out of thin air... I would be taxed HEAVILY.
          These criminals are not even taxed on their "distributions" from being shareholders in our Federal Reserve...
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          • Posted by GaryL 3 days, 7 hours ago
            According to my limited research, The United States had NO (ZERO) NATIONAL DEBT prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve. It has been all downhill since and the rich have gotten richer ever since.
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            • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 days, 3 hours ago
              Consider that the City of London, just up the road from Buckingham Palace, financed the rebellion in the American colonies! If there was ever any proof of the power and autonomy of ‘The Crown’, this was it.

              Why would the City of London lend money to the Patriots? If we think like a merchant banker, there are two reasons that come into view:

              Bolstering the Patriots would create a stronger resistance to the British King, who was already deeply indebted to the City. Funding the weaker side would ensure that the war would last longer, costing more for both sides, which the bankers were funding.
              If the Patriots were victorious, a new nation would be born, which could become a significant new client. The war debt would ensured that this nation would begin its life heavily indebted to the City’s money-lenders.
              It truly was a case of “finance and conquer”. An important detail had to be secured; if the Patriots won, the loans made during the Revolutionary War would have to be paid back in full, with interest. Sound familiar?
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              • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 days, 3 hours ago
                The Great Payback

                When all was said and done, the war was over; Lincoln was assassinated; and Salmon P. Chase was ousted from office. For the average person, the value of the greenback evaporated their purchasing power, and inflation was running above 20% p.a. However, a much more ominous picture was unfolding for the Government. Chase’s attempt to prop up the value of the greenback saw the Treasury’s bullion inventory obliterated, and the public debt was out of control.
                For your limited research you could check this out https://substack.com/@prussiagate
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                • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 days, 3 hours ago
                  In Part 1 we presented the rich history of the City of London.

                  In Part 2 we presented the monetary history of America. We looked at how the colonies were forced to use fiat currency; how the birth of the Republic started with a central bank and huge public debts; how Andrew Jackson defeated the globalist central bankers, and how the Civil War forced America back onto fiat currency, which led to eye-watering public debt. We also showed how those Civil War bonds were snapped up by rich Prussians, including Otto von Bismarck and Gerson von Bleichroder.

                  Part 3 showed how globalist investors, with the help of Bismarck’s massive spy network, managed to subvert the United States Constitution’s 14th Amendment, and avoid a potential collapse in Civil War bond prices. The 1871 Treaty of Washington became one of the foundations for international law, laying the groundwork for the establishment of the League of Nations, and later the United Nations. Organizations such as the WHO use the UN’s system of treaties and international law to essentially override national sovereignty and implement its globalist policies. The UN and the WEF have now openly declared their partnership, signalling the co-ordination between unelected UN officials and the army of multinational corporations, which we refer to as the ReichsWEF.

                  Part 4 followed the money from the Civil War bonds after 1871. America’s debts were financed in the City of London, and globalist investors locked in enormous profits. European investors, mainly in Britain and Germany, used international corporate structures to control the resources and supply chains of America. This marked the birth of the infamous American monopolies, as well as the beginning of multinational corporations. In particular, the German-banking sector in New York had become so powerful, that they successfully implemented the US Federal Reserve; a private central bank modelled from the German Reichsbank.

                  The architect of the Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg. While he was busy implementing a central bank, his brother Max was advising the Kaiser on military preparations for a war that had not yet begun. Unsurprisingly, America’s entry into WWI allowed the Federal Reserve to rapidly expand its balance sheet, and flood the nation with its new currency, known as Federal Reserve Notes.

                  In this final part to the 1871 series, we will bring the monetary fiasco into the modern era, and show how the United States and its mighty dollar have become hostage to the globalist elite. We will show how We The People have been forced to defend the value of a fiat system that serves the globalist beast and its desire for a New World Order.
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            • Posted by $ 3 days, 6 hours ago
              That's not accurate, unfortunately. The US came out of the Revolutionary War heavily in debt - especially to the Dutch financiers. The US actually had two national banks prior to the Federal Reserve as a way of standardizing currency, but both eventually failed because they, too, tried to rely on fiat currency. The Second National Bank's charter was actually challenged by Andrew Jackson - probably the only positive thing he did as President.
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              • Posted by bubah1mau 3 days, 4 hours ago
                You might have mentioned debt owed to France as well; debt that couldn't be paid for nearly 20 years--unfortunately for King Louis, perhaps a reason he lost more than his cool over the matter
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 3 days, 10 hours ago
    All I would say about this is, "If you think this is all certain elected congresspeople, you are kidding yourself."

    A MASSIVE power is held by congressional staffers. These unelected people provide "information" to the congress people. They are driving day-to-day operations. I have personally watched one of these guys tear a two star admiral apart, and he was fired a week later (moved aside from role, and honorably discharged at next slot). In that case, it was awesome because the admiral was a complete idiot. However, MASSIVE power!

    We can get rid of the rubber-stamping elected official, but little will change. the hundreds of Wormtongues remain.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 3 days, 10 hours ago
    Oh, that article's photograph with a happy looking McConnell standing beside an all the more gleeful always looking demon possessed for an evil as hell Chuck Schumer.
    Caused my dino mind to imagine a compromised pet Turtle on an invisible leash beside his villainous Star Wars Sith Lord master.
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