GoFundMe for Wife of Iconic Objectivist Author Robert Bidinotto

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I want to do an urgent shout-out to everybody here to please, please follow this link and fling some cash in the direction of some truly great, truly principled and truly influential people who have fallen on misfortune.

If you were around during the 1988 Presidential election you are familiar with Democrat candidate... (geez, I've gotta stop and try to remember his name... ohyeah...) Michael Dukakis. You're also likely familiar with an article named "Getting Away With Murder" that appeared in Reader's Digest magazine. The article a.) illuminated Dukakis' "prison furlough" program, which let a vicious life-sentence convicted murderer named Willie Horton out of prison on a weekend pass to (wild guess,) commit another atrocity, and which article b.) was a major catalyst in making Willie Horton a household name and in obliterating Dukakis' bid for the White House. It was written by Robert Bidinotto, who's made a career of analyzing crime and punishment from a philosophical perspective.

From 2005 to 2008 he was editor-in-chief of an excellent, philosophically-rooted current affairs magazine called The New Individualist. (I had been a subscriber to TNI from the time it was a stapled newsletter to the point - post-Bidinotto - where it was a swanky (but dry) iteration with spined "perfect binding," and I can tell you that Bidinotto's tenure was easily the most brilliant period in its entire production run.) In 2007 he was awarded the Folio Gold "Eddie" award for editorial excellence, given annually by the magazine publishing industry as its highest honor.

In 2011 Mr. Bidinotto left that position to dive into his lifelong passion, thriller novels, but not as a reader but as a writer. His debut novel, "Hunter" which could be described as "A thinking man's 'Death Wish," is about a shadowy and ruthlessly-efficient vigilante who tracks down violent criminals "paroled" from prison by corrupt officials (only to brutalize innocent victims,) dispatches them and leaves them right in the front yards of those corrupt officials, as if to say "Did you misplace this?" "Hunter" quickly shot to the top of Amazon's Kindle bestseller list in the Mystery & Thriller genre, and to the WSJ's Top 10 list of Fiction Ebooks.

Mr. Bidinotto's wife Cynthia has suffered a series of devastating medical crises over several years, with all of the attendant medical expenses and the heart-wrenching decision to take up residence in an assisted-care facility (also at enormous expense.) On his Facebook page Mr, Bidinotto acknowledged that he is aware of the GoFundMe site's reported political biases, but that after researching alternatives came to the conclusion that its positives still outweigh its negatives,

Please take a moment and chip in - anything is better than nothing - and please pass this along to your networks of like-minded people.

Mr. and Mrs. Bidinotto have been veritable warriors for reason, for justice, for civilization for decades. You would be hard-pressed to find a more worthy cause. Please extend your generosity and lend a hand to some truly excellent people.
SOURCE URL: https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-care-for-cindy-the-love-of-my-life

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