Rep. Ritchie Rips Regents

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A Congressman from Bronx Rips His Colleagues in the New York Post:

Something is rotten in the state of America. When the institutional leaders in our country cannot condemn the cold-blooded murder of Israeli children and civilians with moral clarity, one must ask: what kind of society are we becoming? What does the silence and indifference and cowardice — from these so-called leaders — tell us about the depth of antisemitism in America and the reckoning required?

Imagine that: a university that cannot be bothered to take a position on a pogrom against Jews. Have we learned nothing from the long and ugly history of antisemitism? There is nothing accidental about the disregard for Israeli life that revealed itself in the wake of Oct. 7.

The dehumanization of Israeli victims follows inevitably from the hyperbolic and systematic demonization of Israel itself. Anti-Israel hate and hysteria have been allowed to fester freely in academia, social media, the political arena, and elsewhere. It has been propagated by Astroturf activists and academics, amplified by their enablers in elected office, and subsidized by government and civil society.

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