BLM triggers mass, multi-location looting in Philly City Center after cop cleared in shooting of Black guy. One observer TwXed: “It’s all free in City Center with promo code The Big Guy ‘24”

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Tyler Durden ( compiled the following (partial) list to show this incident is getting to be the norm in/near major Dem-controlled cities:

Corporate media is seemingly ignoring the spike in out-of-control youth nationwide. Nonetheless, we have been closely monitoring the situation:
• April: Baltimore Mayor Calls For Citywide Curfew After All Hell Breaks Out
• April: All Hell Breaks Out In Chicago As Hundreds Of Teenagers Wreak Havoc
• May: Dramatic Video Shows Rogue Pack Of Teens Beating Up Marines In California
• August: Shocking Video: Gun-Strapping Kids Roam' Grand Theft Auto'-Style Around St.Louis Suburb
• September: "Murdered That Man For Laughs": Shocking Video Of Out-Of-Control Teens In Vegas
• September: "They Were Laughing": Rogue Gang Of Teens Brutally Beat Gas Station Clerk In Lawless Seattle

(See linked article for corresponding URLs for listed stories)

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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 5 months ago
    It’s been a prepper manta for a long time that along with SHTF comes WROL. Without Rule Of Law. I believe it is self evident that Rule Of Law “ROL” is beginning to breakdown in Urban Centers. SHTF cannot be far behind.
    If any on this forum are still living in a Blue Shithole you are not behaving objectively. So far I count 3 overt Leftists murdered by their own crime statistics in the last 30 days. Do some digging….you’ll find them. Josh Kruger, Ryan Carson, The Tech CEO raped and murdered on her rooftop. There are others… MSM will not point it out because it goes against the desired narrative. Remember the DNC chairwoman in Minnedishu who was carjacked at her house in front of her children in broad daylight. Who could forget that tasty bit of Schadenfreude?

    I don’t think we will make it too the end of the decade anymore. 2027 at the most before SHTF.
    Start prepping.
    And if you’re still whoring in Babylon come out of her my people lest you suffer her plagues.
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