Republican confidence in science fell dramatically in the wake of the pandemic. Majority of Democrats Still Believe The "Expert" Unscientific Liars In Spite of Evidence They Are Being Conned

Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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More than half of Democrats are incapable of rational thought and should never be allowed to vote.

"For most of our lives, scientists have been among the most trusted community leaders. But not any more.
For nearly fifty years, more than four out of ten Americans said they had a “great deal of confidence” in the people running our institutions of science. This was the strongest possible answer people could give. But all that has changed in the last few years with public opinion on science now splitting along political lines. Faith in the institutions of science has collapsed among conservative voters.

The goodwill, the trust and esteem built by things like The Manhattan Project and the Moonshot carried on for decades, but when Covid arrived, and science was the number one public topic of debate, many scientists sat silent on the sidelines. The lab leak theory came and went and then turned out to have been true all along. When ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine could have saved lives, scientists said nothing. When vaccines were sold as “safe and effective”, researchers who knew there were risks, sat on their hands. When borders could have been shut to stop bioweapons, Trump was left on his own. When universities failed the nation, scientists mostly sided with the academics.

The price for spineless silence is that now among Republicans, half the confidence is gone. It was the greatest hour of need, and scientists were missing in action. Wait til the public finds out about climate science…

It’s a remarkable fall among conservative voters in the US: dropping from 45% in 2018 to just 22% in 2022 who still “have a great deal of confidence” in the scientific community."

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