Tucker Officially OUTS Obama As GAY⚠️ BUT, Everyone is Missing The BIG STORY⚠️

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 3 months ago to History
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[]But gay is not the issue. The issue here is fraud. If Obama is in fact gay, then he was lying to the American people from day one. He portrayed himself as a happily married family man with a wife and two beautiful young daughters. That’s called fraud.

If America had known the truth in 2008, does anyone honestly think Obama would have been elected president?

But all of this is small potatoes. This is not the big story.[]
SOURCE URL: https://thebeltwayreport.com/2023/09/tucker-officially-outs-obama-as-gay%e2%9a%a0%ef%b8%8f-but-everyone-is-missing-the-big-story%e2%9a%a0%ef%b8%8f/

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  • Posted by mccannon01 3 months ago
    The damage done to what's left of Free America is so extensive I think even Trump would have a hard time fixing it - if the commies don't kill him in the process. Obummer involvement is looking more realistic, but solid proof would be helpful.

    Trump's biggest mistake was his failure to fire anyone with an Obummer taint in his WH.
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    • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 3 months ago
      Mark my words THEY will NEVER allow Trump a 2nd time. It’s time we wrapped our noodles around that fact. And act accordingly.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 3 months ago
        Indeed. THEY are working overtime to stop him from even running. I don't think he'll survive the Soviet Atlanta court, but a lot of information will be brought to light if the Atlanta commies and their sycophants in the press don't crush it.
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