Atlas Shrugged "Death Ray" a reality? Some interesting evidence...

Posted by $ blarman 3 months ago to Technology
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I was skeptical about the fire being man-made, but after listening to this I can't ignore the evidence provided - especially around the temperatures necessary for some of the damage and the foliage evidence (that it is still there). It's looking more and more like the "death ray" from Atlas Shrugged may be real and just waiting to be targeted again...

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  • Posted by $ Stormi 3 months ago
    Too many events dated before the fire, describing it, to think it was not intended and when it was to happen. People sitting on property which could bring in big hotel bucks down the road, too much need for a land grab, so what a few died, that is how business works with politicians to get what they want.Little people do not matter anymore.
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  • Posted by tutor-turtle 3 months ago
    Death Ray: -Nikola Tesla, 1932
    Yeah those 80 trunks the FBI stole from Tesla's apartment the day after he died and never returned 20?
    John Trump (MIT Engineering Dept, head) in charge of examining Tesla's papers said "Nothing to see here folks, move along"
    How much more Tesla Tech is being suppressed?

    > Anti-Gravity
    > Wireless transmission of power
    > Zero Point Energy
    > Missle Shield
    > Partial Beam weaponry
    > Cancer cure using radio waves (a Royal Raymond Rife collaboration)
    > Agricultural growth enhancement
    > Weather modification

    The list is endless, yet Tesla was vilified all his life even to the point of being portrayed as a Superman Villain - evil scientist in a 1950 cartoon.

    We live is a sick society, that profits from our culling.
    See Jim Marrs last book published before his untimely death. "Population Control: "How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us"
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  • Posted by citizen1 3 months ago
    Imagine IF... a large business conglomerate wanted to purchase exotic land from its current inhabitants, (maybe for a cheap price,) and maybe those inhabitants just weren't motivated to sell.

    A sudden disaster (maybe a massive fire?) would remove those inhabitants and simultaneously reduce the market value for the property.

    THEN you could watch the conglomerate step up so responsibly to purchase the ruined land, to "help those displaced" and begin clean up efforts to "restore its beauty." Then, the heroes within the conglomerate go even one step further, to build hotels and shopping on that once ruined land, thereby creating jobs for the displaced, and tax revenue for the local government! Wow.

    Yeah, you're right. That's too big of an "IF." That would never happen.

    Death rays used to be the stuff of fiction. But then again, so were "1984" and "Atlas Shrugged."
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  • Posted by term2 3 months ago
    government will do anything to protect ITSELF, as was outlined in AS. We don't even know about half of the weapons, and they are equally effective against citizens who are opposed to the government, as they are to foreign powers.
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