Are you being spied on by the state via your vehicle ?

Posted by freedomforall 3 months, 2 weeks ago to Technology
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"I don’t have to worry about what is styled my “data” – that is, information about me, what I’m doing, where I’m going, where I’ve been, etc. – being “compromised” when I drive my analog vehicles. That is to say, vehicles made when vehicles were still autonomous. Which is to say, independent of external monitoring and control.

Such vehicles do not collect “data,” in the first place. And they aren’t capable of “sharing” – loathsome word in the context of the modern usage of that word, which invariably means being forced to “share” whatever it is – with anyone or anything else.

What goes on between my analog car and I is strictly between us. It is one of the reasons why I – and most Americans – once upon a time liked our cars. They gave us freedom – in more than just the obvious way, that of going wherever we liked, whenever we liked. There was also the freedom of no one else knowing about anything of that. A road trip was appealing because it was an adventure. Our cars gave us control; they were not vehicles of control.

But that is exactly what they are becoming.

It is what all of them – that are new – already are.

“Data” about us is collected by them every time we go for a drive – and this “data” is accessible by others. Who those others are is essentially open-ended in that it can be anyone – or anything – that has access to the “data.” You have essentially nil control over that. Nor over the acquisition of “data” – information! – about you."

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