China melting its leverage: will we run out of gallium

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 10 months, 2 weeks ago to Education
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I was doing some research on another matter and came across this article. I think its interesting and notable how China is positioned and it explains they leverage they have on the technological world today.

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  • Posted by $ Commander 10 months, 2 weeks ago
    Severely restrict these elements ..... back to the stone age. DOS!
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    • Posted by $ 10 months, 2 weeks ago
      While I understand that there are other conductors that can be used it's troubling to see that the technological WORLD has elected to build on these limited rare earth elements. It's even more troubling that china holds the lions share of these elements and uses them as leverage.
      When china decides to raise the costs of these necessary elements EVRYTHING will become more and more expensive, unless, of course, compliance is met. The only alternative would be to rework everything from scratch as the inexpensive rare earth elements sold by china has cause american mining, foundries and refineries to close. Let's not mention that major differences in labor costs to mine and refine and shape the meal for use. At this juncture, we simply can't compete.

      Talk about well a truly screwed. All thanks to major global businesses and profiteering unfaithful politicians.
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      • Posted by $ Commander 10 months, 2 weeks ago
        The compliance is the point.
        Narrow the path of manufacturing and services through a network of seemingly disconnected corporations ... the noose. Monopolize the tech through specialized resource processing or protections. (As an aside; reduce patent potency to five year max ... just a thought). Enslave the masses through employment ... it is easier for someone else to make critical decisions. The list is ponderous. Toeffler referred to this as Future Shock.

        Controlled resurgence of older tech. Look at the prolific growth of preparedness, withdrawal from the well established supply chain. New products on the food shelves other than the big advertised brands. The only thing I need to get off grid is a steam powered engine/generator. Edgar WI Steam Show August 25-27. I have 4 foundries within walking distance from my home. It all depends on where one lives.

        Don't prejudge China. I think they are part of throwing out the established fascists. China and Russia backed monies with gold. Arab emirates and Saudi are taking other than Euro-dollars (US currency outside continental jurisdictions), forcing redemption back into the US Treasury through a controlled FED Reserve (2018 ?). Globalists have to redeem or lose it.

        It may be a blessing that these rare elements are withdrawn from the electronics industries. No phones or I pads means less indoctrination potential for our kids. The schools are being changed to stop the similar insurgencies. Parents are seriously looking at the indoctrination processes. Home schooling is meteorically rising.

        The history of how we got here is important. Current resurgence began around 1740 with Frederick the Great taking throne of Prussia. Infiltration and espionage are the main tools used since to take control. The Great Awakening is exposing the mechanisms. Never have so many investigated causality in the human history. This is all a process and anti-process. White hats vs Black hats ...... EPIC!

        And I am doing what I can in restoring the original constitutional seats of governance that were abandoned in 1861. Wis has assembled a lawful Grand Jury, redressed grievances and published its standing unrebutted. Now we are repopulating the petite juries in the counties. De jure in the face of de facto, lawful vs that which is. Organic act of 1871 established DC as an operating base for a corporation to provide 19 essential services from a federal level until the original jurisdictional representation could be reestablished. The contract is in The Organic Act and the DOD Manual of War, Chapter 11. Hours of reading and comprehension to get to a simple statement. Unfortunately, this corporate jurisdiction infiltrated the State, County, Municipal and Agencies of all the strata of government. To undo is to Assemble, create Grand Jury under an original constitutional methodology for each respective State, populate the Petite Juries of founding Counties, Parish or Territory to "Settle" the respective State. 38 settled States constitutes a majority and then request the military to cancel the contract with DC.

        I tire of rhetoric. I act in solution, that we may be free from the tyranny.
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