Top Sweetener Officially Declared a Carcinogen

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The World Health Organization has finally gotten around to declaring the popular artificial
sweetener aspartame a potential carcinogen

The ruling comes from sources with WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer
(IARC), who said aspartame will be listed as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” in July

I’ve been warning about aspartame’s cancer-causing potential since 2010, so you can see
just how long this danger has been known

For over a decade, researchers have been warning of aspartame’s neurotoxicity and
carcinogenicity, stating reevaluation of aspartame consumption is “urgent and cannot be

A 2022 large-scale cohort study found people who consumed higher levels of artificial
sweeteners had higher risk of overall cancer compared to non-consumers
SOURCE URL: https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2023/July/PDF/aspartame-carcinogenic-effects-pdf.pdf

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  • Posted by $ CBJ 1 year ago
    My educated guess is that people who seek health information from "unofficial" sources tend to be healthier than those who rely on "official" sources.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year ago
    Freaking anything can be a carcinogen. They load up a lab rat with 1000% reasonable dosage and viola! the rat gets cancer.

    Persuade me that this is a real concern.
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year ago
      You have a valid point. But I just had a couple of SPECT scans at Amen Clinics.

      They pointed out some abnormalities in blood flow, and the doctor stated "Ahhh... A life long Diet Soda drinker?" He said... Overall, for your age, you have a high energy brain (good blood flow). THESE areas are damage we normally see with Aspartame Consumption! He went on to say... If you give it up, and work on your nutrition/diet... We should see those areas improve.

      He then pointed out some concerning lack of blood flow, which was a previous TBI. But it was bad enough to call for an MRI to confirm there was no growth pushing down (since Migraines was one of my symptoms).

      So. I did not read peer-reviewed data about this correlation. Everything else this doctor said was credible (and I don't trust doctors, in general).

      In a couple of years, I will redo my scans. Since then, I have 100% sworn off aspartame.

      Finally, some of these studies... To produce Cancer with 10,000% the daily dose... Does so in days/weeks. And are done by the companies themselves to create FUD. The purposefully use extremely high doses so that people will downplay the results. It's a great manipulation tool.

      Oh, and at my height... I would drink 4-6 Liters of Coke Zero/day. Pure addiction. And when 1 serving is 12oz. (so 15 servings, or 1500%)?
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      • Posted by $ blarman 1 year ago
        THANK YOU! This is what I'm looking for.

        I don't doubt that there are a lot of things we don't know. What I want to verify is that there is actual smoke before someone yells "fire!"

        I had a friend (dated my sister) who drank himself into type II diabetes and eventually death. Soda only - no alcohol. He was addicted to caffeinated soda and you couldn't find him without a 2-liter bottle or one of those huge convenience store mugs full of the stuff. He died at only 40 years old.
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        • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year ago
          Truth... And soda and pepperoni are examples of "Hyper Palatability". I can overeat pepperoni, too.
          Same Reasons.

          The soda actually contains:
          - Sugar/Sweet (Addictive)
          - Acid (Palate Cleansing)
          - Sodium (Thirst DRIVER)
          - Caffeine (Addictive)

          Nobody notices the sodium in the sweet drink.
          But it's really important to get you to keep drinking it, because it drives you to feel thirsty. And then has addiction... Then you get "cued" to your addiction by simply seeing it. (Pavlovian style)

          - Spicy/Hot
          - Fat
          It turns out that the same taste buds the sense fat, sense spice (it's why mayo often contains paprika->cayenne).
          So, while eating it, you would normally get BORED of the FAT.. When you do, the body switches to "noticing" the novelty of the spice. Then when it gets bored with that, it switches back.

          Effectively, the spice is palate cleansing the fatty feel. (It's why an ACID goes with FATS/OILS. think about Vinegar and Oil dressings. Pickles on hamburgers, etc)

          And the most dangerous combination for addiction is probably Ice Cream. This is LITERALLY Fat+Sugar... Almost devoid of protein.

          This is VERY artificial (Ignoring breast milk, and milk should be for MASSIVELY growing babies/calves). Milk contains OPIODS, making dairy very addictive for many.

          Of course, this was all designed when we had to SCAVENGE for food. Unfortunately it is now used to keep us totally addicted, and poisoning us, and dumbing us down and making us manageable!
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  • Posted by evlwhtguy 1 year ago
    It could be because Artificial sweetener users watch their weight, don't get as fat and therefore don't die from heart disease, so they live long enough to get cancer. An association does not mean causality.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 1 year ago
    I hate sweet coffee. We have a friend we see almost daily with a group which discuss politics and health. He is a health conscious person, in most ways, does not smoke, good GMI, but 4 of the sweeteners in one cup of coffee! It is awful. I do not see how you can stand anything that sweet, and we have told hm it is really bad for him. Maybe he will listen, someday.
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  • Posted by Steven-Wells 1 year ago
    I distrust reporting that uses the terms "artificial sweetener" and "aspartame" as completely synonymous They are not. Other artificial sweeteners exist.
    Other red flags for me:
    • Frequent mention of rodent tests but not human data.
    • Minimal discussion of the massive dosages involved in individual tests.
    • Political emphasis, as though mere political association is sufficient to brand a material as carcinogenic.
    • A bizarre implication that the intense sweetness of artificial sweeteners compared to sugar is somehow a bad thing.
    • The implication that artificial materials are inferior to so-called natural materials.
    I will get upset about aspartame when I start using gigantic amounts of it (I primarily use other sweeteners), when the effects of tobacco and marijuana get the suitable levels of scrutiny, and especially when fentanyl becomes much less of a cash "crop" for China and drug cartels, with a comparable decrease in the hyper-deadly numbers happening in the US.
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  • Posted by stevieg88 1 year ago
    It seems to me that we went through the same thing a number of decades ago. At that time calcium cyclamate was a popular sugar alternative and used in many products.

    This conclusion was based on a small study that was, in fact, inconclusive. Its effect was to remove this non-sugar sweetener from the market. This had a monetary effect on Squibb, the primary domestic manufacturer of calcium cyclamate.

    Oddly, calcium cyclamate is still used in Canada in a large number of products.
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  • Posted by STEVEDUNN46 1 year ago
    So I understand the risk in consuming aspartame. But the last paragraph talk about people consuming artifice sweeteners. Not just aspartame. I don't see the scientific evidence for that wofh liquid sucralose. So is the a problem withe the OTHER artificial sweeteners? What is the actual evedence?
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