CHILD S3X trafficking in HOLLYWOOD ** shocking revelations - insider turns whistleblower EP 1

Posted by Dobrien 5 months ago to Entertainment
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This comes when Sound of Freedom is smashing box office numbers. The Great Awakening is happening.
SOURCE URL: https://youtu.be/A12doOpJDCo

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  • Posted by Ben_C 5 months ago
    The movie is compelling - especially the special message at the end. There are more sex slave children today than there ever were slaves when slavery was legal. Confirms my thinking the reparations are nothing more than a political ploy to win back black voters to the democrat party. Wonder what the BLM people have to say about the film and its message?
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  • Posted by GaryL 5 months ago
    An "Insider" who knew what was happening and turns into a whistleblower is just as guilty as the perps IMO. Sounds more like a case of rat your buddies out first so you get the deal.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 5 months ago
    Just linked to the video, amazing! I though using the Congressional pedophile oepration to blcakmail polititicians and world leaders to support our heads of state was bad, but this is so utterly selffish and harmful!I grew up reading Wm. Wordsworth, who called for maintaining our innoce as long through life as possible, staying as close to who we first wre, was the best way to live. These evil people are stripping the innocecet from children with no shame. This mentality has brought down past civilizations, and it is intent on doing so here. It also agrees with Soviet KGB agent Yuri Benmenov, when he said our schools would bring down our country without a shot frp, Rssoa. amd tjat is happening. Hollywoo pays to kids, teachers set them up to be accepting, and the rest is easy for them. Thank you so much for broadening the source of this evil for me.
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  • Posted by bobsprinkle 5 months ago
    Torture the pedo's to the brink of death and then revive them to life so the torture process can start over again. actually, this sounds like life in prison must be like for pedo's.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 months ago
    Ok, I am confused, maybe even mislead. Since when is Mel Gibson a pedophile involved with all the other pedowood creatures.
    He's involved with rescuing these kids, you see him pictured with the others we know are rescuing kids.

    so, is this guy BS-ing?
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    • Posted by 5 months ago
      Irregular Warfare? Brother we are in a war of narratives . This story feeds the truth that pedowood is sick and depraved. The Great Awakening! Whether or not this “ whistle blower “ is truthful or he could be blowing smoke for all I know. But It has almost 1/2 million views.
      With Epstien and NXVIM and Sound of Freedom and the constant attack on innocents. Word is getting out. Remember 6 yrs ago when we were first posting on this topic and we’re totally labeled as tin foil hat conspiracy nuts. Q gave us the direction to look (Research) to become awakened and to plant the seeds to the villagers, or normies or the slumbering mass. Peace
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  • Posted by $ sekeres 4 months, 3 weeks ago
    As of the 18th, the link leads to:
    "Video unavailable
    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."
    Wonder why?!
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