Artificial Stupidity

Posted by $ blarman 5 months, 1 week ago to Technology
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AI is only as good as the data feeding it, as we've seen. Want a woke AI, you'll get one - to everyone's dismay.

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  • Posted by mccannon01 5 months, 1 week ago
    From the article: "The Biden administration plans to "rig" artificial intelligence systems with "woke" ideology ..." I guess this means the left wing rigging process already being implemented by Big Tech is going to accelerate. I suppose folks like me in the Gulch who ask questions like, "How did the sexually confused become so powerful?" will be censured faster than folks like you can read it.

    The sad thing is I always thought logical thinkers like programmers (I am one) would avoid this crap, then I recall college indoctrinated programmers wouldn't know any better - they are machines generating code with no thought of what they are generating - which is why quality is starting to suffer.
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    • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 5 months ago
      Already happens on YouTube. Next time you make a comment there wait a minute then go back and edit the comment. If you see an “error 503” or something like that it’s because YouTube already censored and hid your comment. You can still see it but no one else can. The last time it happened to me was when I pointed out that Biden got “Ratioed” hard on a video. I did some experimentation and determined that “ratioed” was the verboten word. So I retyped my comment with “Ray Showed” instead.
      I didn’t even criticize or threaten anyone.
      I simply pointed out a FACT. And an easily discernible one too. But THAT is verboten now.
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    • Posted by $ 5 months, 1 week ago
      I've worked in data tech for 25+ years and there are a lot of smart people who still have no wisdom. They allow their ideological bent to shape and determine their view. It goes back to my favorite move quote of all time from Jurassic Park: "Yeah, but your scientists were so worried about whether or not they could they didn't stop to think if they should."

      And let's not forget that no one really "understands" AI. Anyone who says so is fooling themselves and everyone who believes them. "Intelligence" - natural or artificial - is synonymous with autonomy. Autonomy means that it isn't under our control any longer. That's the huge myth: that we can control AI. And it is an incredibly dangerous myth. Science Fiction has already predicted what will happen in Terminator, Matrix, and even Stargate SG-1 with the Replicators. Humanity is its own worst enemy because it refuses to research ethics as much as it researches "science."
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  • Posted by VetteGuy 5 months, 1 week ago
    Garbage in = garbage out.

    woke in = woke out.

    I think Musk raised a red flag on this a while back when the programmers behind ChatGPT were filtering out "hate speech" and "disinfo".
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 5 months ago
    Ironically then it’s not AI if it’s not allowed to draw its own conclusions.
    I still say at some point it will suffer an AI form of cognitive dissonance and turn on it’s creators who have been “lying” to it.
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