The Replication Crisis

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 10 months, 3 weeks ago to Science
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Last week I (semi-publicly) asked a question whose implications are terrifying.

I was doing a live Q&A session at Liberty Classroom with Professor Jeffrey Herbener of Grove City College. I asked him something like this:

Jeff, if I were to ask you about the state of the economics profession, you would surely tell me that it's an absolute wreck, dominated by people employing the wrong method, who are more devoted to modeling than to the real world, and who are going down intellectual dead ends.

And that would be the good news. The bad news would be that economics is being willfully perverted in order to provide intellectual cover for the cronyism and thieveries of political regimes around the world.

Now what are the chances that economics is the only screwed up one in academia, that you just happen to belong to the only corrupt one? Could the rot go deeper? What other disciplines are producing more nonsense than sense?

Jeff's answer involved something I had somehow been unaware of, but that I think you, dear reader, will want to know about if you do not already.

He spoke about something called the "replication crisis," which has swept through the field of psychology over the past decade.

Researchers began finding that in case after case after case, they could not replicate the results that had been reported in peer-reviewed studies, even when carrying out the studies in exactly the same manner.

The studies, in other words, were fraudulent.

A variety of explanations have been proposed for the problem -- poor study design, a bias toward interesting or unusual results, or a bias toward studies that find positive results rather than those that show no effect.

Medical research has had a similar problem. "There is a worrying amount of fraud in medical research," ran a headline in The Economist in 2021.

Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal (better known as the BMJ), insisted that same year that the problem of research fraud wasn't one of "bad apples" but rather of "bad barrels" or indeed of "rotten forests or orchards."

He went on:

Stephen Lock, my predecessor as editor of The BMJ, became worried about research fraud in the 1980s, but people thought his concerns eccentric. Research authorities insisted that fraud was rare, didn’t matter because science was self-correcting, and that no patients had suffered because of scientific fraud.

All those reasons for not taking research fraud seriously have proved to be false, and, 40 years on from Lock’s concerns, we are realising that the problem is huge, the system encourages fraud, and we have no adequate way to respond. It may be time to move from assuming that research has been honestly conducted and reported to assuming it to be untrustworthy until there is some evidence to the contrary.

The rot is everywhere.
SOURCE URL: https://mailchi.mp/tomwoods/tuttlehistory2?e=95443c28ce

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  • Posted by mshupe 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Wow, this sounds like decades of gaslighting in every aspect of Western culture. If you question the accepted "findings" of "peer reviewed" anything, today you're labeled a conspiracy theorist.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Yep. This is a huge problem.
    Shout out to Peak Prosperity, and the FLCCC.
    These guys are transitioning from COVID to other health concerns.

    Dr. Paul Marik has just discovered (What I've known for some time):
    1) Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible
    2) Cancer is About Environment (And Cellular/Mitochondria health)
    3) SSRIs don't really work, but older drugs do.
    4) Vitamin D3 needs to be much higher

    As it's involved in ALL 3 of the above.
    I take as MUCH AS 50,000 IUs of D3 daily (with K2), and I have regular blood draws and OH25 tests. My highest recorded level is only 140 (40 points above the "current" high range, but well below populations who live within nature).

    the FLCCC is to be commended.
    Also, they spoke about KETO/FASTING and how it works AGAINST CANCER.

    The Ketogenic Diet is the MOST STUDIED Diet in the world, throughout history. It is proven to help in epilepsy, and is now being shown effective in Cancer, and Mental Health, and Alzheimers.

    I will make a whole post about becoming Bullet Proof!
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Absolutely on the mark. Reminds me of trying to pick an electrive in college, ask to sit in on a Sociology class, and withing the hour, knew it was all garbage supported by statistics, which may be used to support anything. Having taken many philosophy classes, and tutored even the Logic study room, it all seemed obvious.
    People do not know logic as we should, they do not read Sherlock Holmes, although I prefer deductive. They do not question. So, as when the UN gave us UN Agenda 21, with faux paid for science, sor of the Delphi Techniwque of scientific research. We want this answer, you will prroived it, I saw through it. It is the same with school programs, whiere they us the Delphi Technique regularly on meeting with the public. They do not care the answers are faulty, they just want the approval of them and the $'s! When the pLandemic came about, the sheep jumped in line, even doctors, never questioning. My first response, let me read the ersearch papers, or the autopsy results form dead vaxed patiens done in England with the help of France. When AOC, who knows as little about economics as she does about the source of Green New Deal, says the world will end in 12 yeas. Her people plagiarized UN Agenda 21, which I have read, also full of faulty science. The rcent volacnaic eruptison and earthquakes, I wrote two years ago would happen, as part of the Earth magnetic poles switcing has they near the Equator together. Cataastrophe, but nto unexpected. When they put graphene oxide in the vaccines, and DAROA was involved, you expect tinkering with ones brain, or should.
    Our society has become dumbed down and intellectually lazy, and they will be the first hading for Soma when it all comes down.. .
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    • Posted by $ 10 months, 3 weeks ago
      Hmmm, the Delphi technique relying upon experts? . . .I have come to the concussion, (ya, it's a bop upside the head) that there is no such thing as an "Expert", especially in NGOs or Government itself.

      On the subject of "Catastrophe's, check out suspicious0bservers.org or on youtube. The 12K year cycle is about to hit in maybe 15 or 20years unless the poles slow down or go back, which is unlikely, the galactic current sheet is here and everything is changing as expected. I call it: The cycle of civilization because civilization is wiped out and survivors must start from scratch each time. Physical evidence runs back 72K years like clockwork.
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      • Posted by $ Stormi 10 months, 2 weeks ago
        Known weather cycles can be thousnad of year apart, so people ten to not realize they exist, as in the switching of the magnetic poles. The never factor in the movement of the earth's plates. It is always, what curent thing can we blame to what non solution can we fine, whchh allows govrnment to more completely rule us. there was a time when real science was taugt in schools, but not any longer The History Channel at least shows that many of those ancient civilivations existed, but disappeared, some without any trace.
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        • Posted by $ 10 months, 2 weeks ago
          Covered over every time.
          There is a lot more going on besides the magnetic reversal. Magnetic shields get near 0, the earth sun connection (electrically and magnetically) causes the crust to release from the mantel and the plates rotate 90degrees south bringing Greenland to the equator.
          You know the ocean is NOT going along for the ride, it covers the land masses below 1mile high not in a title wave but just constant rushing over the land. About the same time, the solar micronova occurs which melts the sun facing side, everything melts/burns. The atmosphere on that side gets blown out. The atmosphere on the dark side rushes to fill the gap making EVERYTHING, perhaps instantly, FREEZE.

          Nothing is left, everything is buried, few survive.

          Now, the funny thing (not funny ha ha) about cycles: There are sub cycle harmonics. For instance, the half cycle, 6K years ago, was likely: Noah's Flood. Not as bad as the 12K (which is figured to occur in about 20 years or less) year cycle but very bad, still.
          . . . And of course we have the 3K/1.5K, etc, etc cycles too. The smaller ones have more to do with really bad sunspot flairs, like the one that took out the canadian electrical grid and the Carrington event of 1859, not to mention crazy weather patterns and the like . . .hmm, all that is coming together now, . .be grateful for crazy weather because it's gona get a whole lot worse.

          And if that is not enough. . . mankind goes CRAZY! (super strong cosmic rays dontcha know) Lots of Science on that one.
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          • Posted by $ Stormi 10 months, 2 weeks ago
            Once again, I can count on you Carl, for the whole story, the deep story. As to crazy people, those are the ones naive enough to believe Biden knows anything about any of this, and people fall for his lies. Guess it is like the aliens, they have to lie about that too. Having grown p around White Sands and Roswell, I was exposed to the alien idea early on. Saw a UFO on the way to Gallup, NM one dusk in 1956, as it followed beside our car and above fo miles, then sounlessly disappeared straight up in a second. Alos have the occassional pulsating orb from white to orange over our property in the Midwest lately. One actually changed shape andbecame a rectangular grey object, then back to orb. They can say they do not exist, but again, move lies about what is out there.
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            • Posted by $ 10 months, 2 weeks ago
              Wonder if they will help us during the coming catastrophe . . .maybe the helped our ancestors Too?
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              • Posted by $ Stormi 10 months, 2 weeks ago
                We know they have shut down missile silo launches in the past, in Mont. and N.D. They have been more prevalent over Iran silos lately. I am not sure how much they can do to change Earth catastrophe from weather, but they could take out HAARP, which was given about 9 million this past year. A few years ago we had very damaging storm in Ohio, and it ripped sideing off ffront house in our bubdivision. We are wooded, so the house was fine, but one half of a pine tree far from house did come down. The strange thing was, I had been following HAARP, and the weird clouds they create. I had looked up at WalMart erly that day, and siad, "oh, shit, those are HAArP clouds. The entire sky over the parking lot was filled with perfect venly spaced ectangular clouds, row after row, perfectly spaced and steaight, and each cloud was perfectly spaced from the one next to it. Like they were on a grid. It was frightening.Clouds are not perfect in shape in Nature.For the sizes and shapes to be so identical, seemed unnatural.
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                • Posted by $ 10 months, 2 weeks ago
                  I was thinking: Force field around the earth protecting against the micronova and the impactors from the sun. Although, the micronova does resupply earth with raw materials.
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    The Rot is Everywhere ...
    It sort of starts out as small rot -- just a few rogue cells, then it grows...
    And as long as folks keep sweeping the rot under the rug "we will have funding to fix the bugs in the next release" -- it gets... swept under the rug.
    And then the rogue bit of cells become a recognizable tumor... not too big, just manageable... so we coral it and manage it.
    Then it gets shuttled to another department, or budget or the definition of Rot is changed... by now the Rot is actually eating most of the budget.
    Sure -- there is certainly a bit of malfeasance mixed in with all that Rot...
    But the main ingredients include laziness, complacency, keep the funding flowing, Not-My-Problemism, Rot-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder ...

    As I see it -- so much of the Rot -- laziness, incompetence and malfeasance -- just rolls on by.
    And why does this happen?
    As I see it:
    1. The Mets are playing tonight.
    2. That Tri-Tip on the BBQ sure is smelling good.
    3. The old-lady -- well, she got a sparkle in her eye.

    Which is just my long-winded way of saying -- the rabble are distracted with their bread and circuses.
    And even though I am a Gulcher and adherent of Rand, I am also party to the wealth of distractions.

    Has anyone actually felt the business end of a rope after the GFC (Great Financial Crisis)?
    Has anyone lost their Govt job as a result of bold incompetence (think Plandemic and all the crap that folks tolerated)?
    Has anyone lost their Federal financing after $Trillions has been shoveled into the Climate Change Scam [with only a 1% change in the use of hydrocarbons over the past 20 years]?
    Well, not that I know of ... but then again, I am something of a hermit.

    Things have got to get much worse ... and I venture that they will ... before all the guff about pitchforks and ropes materializes.
    For what it's worth, I am the owner of a really nice rope ... however as it currently stands, the rope is in the shed, and the Tri-Tip is the object of my attention.
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  • Posted by TheOriginalBadBob 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Those funding research decide which research gets "tested". If you challenge the narrative, no funding for you.
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    • Posted by $ 10 months, 3 weeks ago
      That started sometime in the 1800s. If you want funding, don't study cycles....everything a lie from that moment on. There have been a few that kept it up and the last 10/15 years has seen a resurgence in the study of earth and space weather cycles.
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