SCOTUS Comes Through!

Posted by $ Thoritsu 12 months ago to Government
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Unanimous decision overturning multiple lower courts (which should mean the lower court judges are fired). Upholding the Fifth Amendment against government overreach.

Beautiful statement from the order: "The taxpayer must render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, but no more."

Several other states can deal with a little more individual freedom from their takings< including my own people's republic of Massholeachussets.

Why isn't there a category for "Judicial"?

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  • Posted by Lucky 12 months ago
    If only there could be a good hard look at:
    " $13,000 in penalties, interest, and fees. "
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    • Posted by $ 12 months ago
      No doubt someone did. This went through god knows how many trials before getting to SCOTUS, and ONLY at SCOTUS did individual rights get defended... unanimously!

      The problems we have in the Legislative and Executive Branches are in no way reduced when we look at Judicial.

      I wonder how the Liberal justices would vote if no one was watching?
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  • Posted by freedomforall 12 months ago
    Some things are such obvious injustice that even the MORON TRAITORS in the SCOTUS can't ignore it.
    However, if the offenders had been the Clinton Foundation, I'm absolutely certain that the SCOTUS would have refused to hear the case.
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    • Posted by $ 12 months ago
      History shows you are SO RIGHT about that. Lady "justice" peeks at the plaintiffs and defendants, but only a peek is needed to twist the law into a tentacled morass suiting the powerful.

      Precisely what our founders fought against, and to inhibit. The virus has adapted to our immune system. We need to transition the immune system. This will likely take the Second Amendment.

      (I still like Gorsuch better than almost any SCOTUS justice in the last 75 years but Scalia)
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