“So Called” Journalism: NBC Calls the Two Respected IRS Veterans “So Called Whistleblowers”. Deep State Controls Mainstream Media. D.C. Is Beyond Reform. NIFO

Posted by freedomforall 11 months ago to Politics
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"When IRS supervisory special agent Greg Shapley and agent Joe Ziegler, testified this week, most honest observers were impressed by how they stuck to the details and the facts of their investigation. Even in friendly questioning, they refused to make judgments about motivations or conclusions. They were two of the most credible witnesses that I have seen on the hill. They were also the prototypical whistleblowers, civil servants who tried to raise concerns over special treatment and political interference internally and only came to Congress after all such efforts failed. They were then both allegedly retaliated against by the Biden Administration. Yet, in its coverage, NBC referred to the men as “so called whistleblowers.” That was not the disparaging description given other such witnesses, including figures in the Trump impeachment. They were just “whistleblowers” or “respected public servants.”"
SOURCE URL: https://jonathanturley.org/2023/07/21/so-called-journalism-nbc-calls-the-two-respected-irs-veterans-so-called-whistleblowers/

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  • Posted by 11 months ago
    This is like the pot and the kettle, imo.
    The media has been nothing but lying scum for years, and anyone working for the IRS is a soulless looter.
    D.C. NIFO. And hope the media is on hand for the entire event.
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