Withdrawing your own cash? NatWest bank wants to know why – and see proof.

Posted by markjr 1 year ago to Science
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That NatWest pic you've seen floating around, asking you to explain why you want your own money and prove how you're going to spend it, is real.

And it's just the beginning...
SOURCE URL: https://bombthrower.com/withdrawing-your-own-cash-natwest-bank-wants-to-know-why-and-see-proof/

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  • Posted by Lucky 12 months ago
    The reason is that banks have been blamed by people for letting them make a big withdrawal. !

    The victim has been asked by some potential love interest in Nigeria maybe to send a big sum. It is to settle legal fees, pay a fine, or for an air ticket. Or it was a phone call from a adult child who said they had been kidnapped and this was the release charge, remember the development that enables a computer to imitate a voice from just a a few words?
    The reason could even have been legit but the account holder would have loved to have had the excuse that the bank put up some unreasonable restriction.

    The bad part is that the banks see all customers as being a soft touch to extortionists. What banks could/should do is to ask customers if they want this kind of restriction - a new type of service with a small charge.

    It is all part of the new wokery, you do not own your money, the bank -the institution- owns you and has to protect you.
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 12 months ago
    Wow.... Big Brother is expanding...
    Not at all familiar with NatWest but will be on the lookout for such policies in my region.
    Thanks for the heads-up, Markjr!
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