Musk's Tweet-Limiting Move Is To Prevent The Completion Of The "AI-Censorship-Death-Star"

Posted by freedomforall 5 months, 1 week ago to Technology
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"Unless you've been hiding under a rock this weekend, you will know that Twitter CEO Elon Musk said Saturday that the social media platform will limit how many tweets users can read due to “extreme” levels of system manipulation and data scraping.

Musk said in a statement that Twitter has applied the following temporary limits on users, with new unverified accounts limited to reading just 600 posts per day.
Which brings us to Mike Benz's excellent discussion this morning of what may really be going on behind the scenes, that yet again - the world's richest man could be the only one uncancellable enough to battle.

Benz begins his trek with the statement: "AI censorship is where all of the magic happens."

He points out, the Twitter Files showed how The FBI might come in and get 22 tweets censored, but AI is how IEP (and other 3rd-party censorship groups) were able to get 22 million tweets censored."

Before 2016, Benz explains, you could not 'control' the internet; but since then, there has been an "AI Censorship Deathstar" under construction, which "relies on massive scraping of Twitter data to track trending narratives, to systemically surveil, to build intelligence dossiers, and to track and turn down - all at one - communities online."

Twitter is the best social network of all for this massive data scraping (and training) since all consumers of information are also creators.

This explicitly makes scraping data there far more important for early narrative detection and countering 'wrongthink' via fact-checking, Google Ad suppression, political pressure (possibly enforcing hate speech laws like Michigan just passed), or mainstream media propaganda focus."

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