We Are Q The Past, Present and Future of the Great Awakening

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General Michael T. Flynn is absolutely right in describing Q as “a damn good PsyOp,” no matter the ‘real’ intent of his words, which I will not pretend to know and will even take at face value for the purposes of this analysis.

Now, while many of you are likely nodding in agreement, there are likely some shaking their heads in admonishment or disbelief. A precious few may even have just unsubscribed from this newsletter. And yet, as my good friend and co-host Just Human often advises, ‘understanding is greater than reacting.’

This truism holds true when it comes to most topics in the truth community, and perhaps none more so than the Q Op itself.

That said, while I will not pretend to know what Flynn meant by his words, I can tell you with confidence that I agree with them as spoken, even if my own cognitive filter views them from the perspective of an intellectual, logical and yes, even spiritual certainty that the Q Operation, the Q Posts and the operators—civilian and military—behind the most influential digital movement of all time have engineered the most powerful—and the most positive and necessary—counter-PsyOp ever deployed.
Brothers and sisters who have ploughed the waves of this war ages before our sleeping fellows know it’s being waged.

It is a thankless job because it is not a job. For most of us, it is a way of life. We engage in the Information War, the Mind War or even the Soul War, as some call it because we have been called to do so, and while that calling ranges from an inner voice or pull to some to something more direct and religious for others, what the Q Op did is to collect that called collective, to rally it under a single banner and to forge it into the most powerful decentralized intelligence force ever assembled.
The Q Op and the Q Drops did not create the truth community, nor the Anons that made it up. It didn’t provide answers. It did something much more powerful and effective:

It asked questions. The right questions, and at the right time.

In so doing, the Q Op did exactly what it was designed to do: it activated tens of thousands of nodes and ‘organized’ or provided a framework and direction to the most powerful decentralized citizen intelligence network of all time. And there's no putting that genie back in the bottle.

Fast forward six years, and that decentralized collective is no longer cowed, intimidated, overwhelmed or demoralized by rote and routine narrative deployments by the enemy’s Media Industrial Complex. We are able to dissect and counter their machine in real time due to a hivemind that has developed an ever-evolving understanding of Micro and Macro with regards to politics, cultural subversion, Overton windows, psychological operations and even the complexities of economic, social and kinetic warfare.

While the many individual minds in this community were capable of parsing pieces of the vast, interconnected Macro that is the System of Systems, the Q Op was instrumental in focusing this ability, collecting it and yes, even aiming it, unifying a vast, interconnected, but ultimately siloed and combative network of high-IQ, heterodox thinkers.
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